A Giant Pink Dot Plunks Down in Singapore

After last week’s emotional video lead-up to Singapore’s Pink Dot celebration, supporters (gay and straight alike) took to the historical Hom Lim Park to bring attention to their nation’s discriminatory laws. A resounding success, if we’re measuring by warm fuzzies and coming togetherness.


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  • dantalion

    I actually went to this event, i missed the Love and 4 ALL formations, but made it in time for the dot, it really was amazing and heartwarming to see all the people who turned out. its rare to see two gay men being affectionate in public, let alone lesbians, and it was nice to see so many of us there, having fun, and most of all being comfortable. there was no protest against us, and no visible police (sure there were a few plainclothes, but that just means they participated.)
    The Singaporean scene is great, with great people, and the opression doesnt come from the police (the policy is to actively ignore gay activity, no persecutions for being gay since the seventies) but more from cultural norms and an assumption that singapore is conservative and not ready, so having a large turn out was the first step in the right direction to singaporean gays finding a real voice in a country that doesnt take well to dissent.

  • Paul


    That was the greatest idea and event. I joined your group on FB when I heard of it. I am so glad you were able to attend, it must have been SO empowering.

    I am going to call a contact I have in Singapore today to offer them a business contract…I so want to support your country and it would be a plus to visit Singapore and have a chance to meet its lovely people!

    Best wishes.

  • sal(the original)

    luvz it

  • J

    Amazingly simple and heart warming idea, must have been amazing to be there!

  • Nick


    I’m an English/Singaporean Chinese hybrid living in London and so happy that this event took place. It’s been a long time coming and hopefully there isn’t any public pressure to discontinue it.

    It’s so true what you say: in Singapore, the government and police do not actively put down gays. Heck even the army lets openly gay men serve. The main issue is the perception that the community is conservative and will disapprove. For the most part, the community is ambivalent, and those who do speak out are a minority (religous groups like Cornerstone church). It would be nice to see more ‘family friendly’ gay events in Singapore besides the usual ‘men only’ raves and bath-houses; to show the largely peaceloving population that it is not a threat to their way of life.

    I have hope that it will happen under the your (our) current PM who seems to be a moderate.

  • FijiLover

    Another PAP government supported propaganda event after losing billions in the Merrill Lynch buyout.

    Who wants to live in a place where you are allowed to “love” and buy excess inflated condos, HDB flats, and when the economy turns around, be in jail for gay sex.

    Please Singapore, your propaganda is old-school. Please grow up or face global competition.

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