A Gossip Boy Walks Into a Gay Bar

“Gossip Girl baddie Chuck Bass, aka actor Ed Westwick hung out last night in NYC’s West Village at the lovely basement bar, Marie’s Crisis on Grove Street, deep in the heart of the super-gay Christopher Street hood.” (Cute, because your publisher’s first visit to a gay bar was Marie’s Crisis. He can sometimes still be found there.) [NNN]

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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Marie’s Crisis is still open?

  • EdWoody

    Much as I’d like to, I wouldn’t necessarily read too much into it. Marie’s Crisis is as much as show-folk hangout as a gay bar – he could just be there to indulge his interest in the Profession of Acting.

  • michael

    never considered marie’s a gay bar but def gay friendly ..dont hate

  • kelly

    Christopher Street is still gay?

  • hardmannyc

    Nice item, except Marie’s Crisis is no more gay than the Duplex or any other of the Grove Street piano bars.

  • WestVillageGuy

    I completely agree. Marie’s Crisis is no more gay than the Duplex. But the Duplex is way gay.

    I love Marie’s Crisis, but a bar where lots of gay guys sit around a piano singing show tunes, complete with harmonies and back-up parts…now that’s gay and wonderful.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    or Broadway!!!

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    So, if an actor walks into Marie’s Crisis (which is not gay) unless there are guys singing showtunes (in tune) on a street which is being de-gayed by the local bedroom community who lives there still known as Christopher Street (now a straight haven on Saturday night) then the actor is Gay because he whiffed a “gay scent” saw a “rainbow sticker” and (God forbid Queerty Hilton) he ate and went to the bathroom just like US! That would make him………….Human!

    Still, love the BASS, hate the DumbASS (gays who run this site) and waste NYU degrees on malicious gossip and porn worship.


    gossip grrrrrrrrrrrrrrl

    PS – WWLD (What would Liza do?)

  • Brad

    If Marie’s Crisis is a gay bar, it was totally my first as well.

  • Jay bee

    hey Seitan-on-stick:
    since when is saying someone went to a gay bar, or suggesting someone might be gay, “malicious gossip”?

    laugh it off, or give a coy smirk, like i’m sure chuck bass would.

    of all the gossip out there, i don’t think this piece warranted that reaction, or the ‘dumbass gays who run this site’ comment.

  • JimmyHarper

    I’ve never bought the gay rumors about Ed Westwick, although I am completely in love with his character on Gossip Girl. My guess is Westwick is comfortable hanging out with gay people (and comfortable enough in his sexuality not to be paranoid), and I think that’s really cool.

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