Superhero Fetish

A Green Lantern “Fleshjack” Shaped Like Ryan Reynolds Mouth?

THE SHOT — Abel Boddy brings our superhero wet dreams to life! … sorta. The web comic by C. Edwards animated the homoerotic hero complex with the help of everyone’s favorite boyfriend replacement!

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  • DJ

    Wow, this is painfully un-funny.

  • HTTR

    No!!! This new comic seems almost as bad as that last (the Irregulars?) one you’d had. Ghetto-gay boredom.

  • Allen D.

    This is news?

  • VinciSmetana

    Is this satire? I don’t know what else it could be.

  • Rbayse

    OMG!!! The point IS. I want one of those Fleshlights shaped like Ryan Reynolds mouths :) hehehe

  • fredo777

    I also want a Reynolds (+ a Chris Evans, for that matter) Fleshjack. I mean, I don’t want to pay for them, but if the fine people at Fleshjack wanted to give me a couple freebies in exchange for a rave review… *wink*

  • Tangelo

    Without Ryan’s puppy dog eyes looking up at me…nah.

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