A Kinder, Cuddlier Catholic Church?

There’s no denying that the Catholic Church has had some issues with the homos. Point in fact: this morning’s report on Charlene Genther’s axing from a Catholic school in Michigan.

Under pressure to reform, the Church has decided to vote on a proposal that will sorta, kinda revamp its stance. The Boston Globe reports:

The proposed guidelines for ministering to gays and lesbians declare that “more than a few persons with a homosexual inclination feel themselves to be unwelcome and rejected” in the Catholic Church and says that “full and active participation is encouraged,” as is “an ongoing personal conversion.” But, the document says,”the church has a right to deny roles of service to those whose behavior violates her teaching.”

“It is not sufficient for those involved in this ministry to adopt a position of distant neutrality with regard to church teaching.”

The document says homosexual acts are “always sinful” and “morally wrong,” and reiterates the church’s opposition to same-sex marriage…

So, basically they’re restating their belief that all so-called sexual deviants will burn in Hell for all eternity, but that they reserve the option to bless the sin out of you. Of course, not all priests will have to do so: those who really don’t like the gays can just continue on the merry damning way.

The proposed changes will be voted on at the next meeting of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops in Baltimore. We can’t help but wonder what they’ll have to say about Anthony Mercieca’s admission that he may have acted “inappropriately” with the young Mark Foley.