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  • Mark212

    Based on all the marketing Logo did for the show and all the online buzz the show didn’t perrform well in the ratings last week. Maybe if they had cast real people that were truly “A-List” it would have done better. Both Ruiz and Reichen have been on other reality shows so how real are they?

  • Yellow Bone

    I like how Queerty promoted it with terrible wrap around ads that cut off the articles, but then bashes it. (and yes, this show sucks)

  • Mike ZC

    Watched episode 1 & 2 tonight. I want my money back!! So bad it is not even a guilty pleasure…thought Reichen and Rodiney were hot at first–that quickly went by the wayside! Your live blog is great, btw.

  • scott ny'er

    @Mark212: Or how about just plain real gays like the 1st episode of “Real World”. I think that might be more interesting.

    @Yellow Bone: Queerty didn’t promote it. They took ad dollars and Logo promoted it. Queerty just gobbled up ad sales for the crappy show.

  • kenny

    The play by play was hilarious .The show itself though and the fact that shows like this are continuously being advertised including on this site to continue to perpetuate gay stereotypes?Thumbs way down.

  • Yellow Bone

    @scott ny’er: Ah. My mistake. Thanks for fixing that. (But no real difference, still hypocritical of Queerty)

  • WillBFair

    Most of what is on Logo makes us look bad. But when it comes to mainstream gay culture, I live in another Universe.

  • Sug Night

    If these guys are the “Gay A-List” no wonder we’re in trouble and no farther along in our quest for equality!

  • Dollie

    Very funny post, however, I must admit that I am profoundly more interested in being caught up on tonight’s 90210… This Teddy story is guilty-pleasure worthy, in my opinion.

  • Sidney

    Queerty for liking this show…you have outed yourself…for what most of us have known you to be…hypocrites.

    THe A-List gave you money.

    This is horrible for the gays….not a guilty pleasure…you think this does better for the gays than Obama…EHHHH WRONG!

    You should work to boycott the show…not support.

  • Timothy Williams

    I agree with the the people saying a real world type of show would be better. I didn’t get through 10 mins. They look like they are acting too btw.
    But a real world type of thing or a show with the gays from RHOA would have been way better.

  • Kyle

    “Who dressed Mike?” Um, he’s wearing an Alexander McQueen shirt in his single shots, F/W 2010.

  • Jayson

    I don’t have cable…thank GOD!

  • JoeyO'H

    This show is in no way a true perpective on being gay in America. Truly for entertianment purposes as it tackles no social issues within the gay community other than dishing over who is a ‘prince tiny meat’ and shopping for a one of a kind outfit. I take this show for what it is. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine especially Mike Ruiz.
    The A-List is certianly not going to change the world but a glimpse into the world of fanasy queens who think they are all that and a Bloomingdale’s bag of cosmetics.

  • JoeyO'H

    And BTW- LOGO sucks as a gay network. It’s worthless and weak.

  • Natti

    Ummmm….. So I saw Reichen at Hamburger Marys in Downtown Cincinnati this weekend. Is hanging out in downtown Cincinnati on a Friday night really A-List? I mean I’m ok with it but I’m not pretending to be a somebody…. is this something an A-Lister from Manhattan would be doing? I did go and talk to him… Great Personality (Sarcasm)

  • Bobby in Seattle

    OMG! Too funny and I simply LOVED this segment’s write up! Please Daniel, continue to do so, as I couldn’t stop laughing. You’ve got a great talent at seeing the show how it really is.

  • Swimmer - Chicago

    That one – the one that was having the 30th bday party – yuck, yuck, yuck – you could not give me enough money to touch that….
    He needs a complete facelift – botox is not enuf at this point.

  • Daniel

    “Soul-deadening” show is absolutely right.

  • Jigae

    @Yellow Bone: Or maybe it shows integrity to criticize something that they had received ad dollars for. Back in the days of print magazines it was called “separating church and state” or splitting production and edit.

  • Jigae

    @Yellow Bone: Or maybe it shows integrity to criticize something that they had received ad dollars for. Back in the days of print magazines it was called “separating church and state” or splitting Publishing from Editorial.

  • Jay

    The only saving grace in this show, the world’s worst by far, is the adorable and gorgeous Rodiney.

    The rest are dull, boring, unattractive both inside and out, and washed up even at the tender age of 22.

    And to think that I did all those marches, rallies, protests, etc., so that this lot could act like twits on the TeeVee.


    I was hoping this show would be a guilty pleaseue the likes RuPauls Drag race. Something so very over the top that you have to try really hard to hate it……..

    The huge freaking problem here is these silly queens actually their vapid empty lives have an impact on others beyond the billowy clouds in their craniums and that others actually care about their lives……..

    You simply can’t sit there and chuckle at the drama goin on when you realize these queens all need to run down to the clue store. Because none of them possess a single one……..

  • RomanHans

    > [I]t took Andrew Sullivan to articulate why The A-List might
    > hurt gays more than it helps

    Really? REALLY?

  • Cam

    So let me get this straight.

    Austin is a jobless failed model who slept with Marc Jacobs, has no money, and is trying to latch onto a D List Celeb to be taken care of…..and he is “On the A List”?

    Oh and Lastly, if Reichen wants to prove that he isn’t into Austin to his boyfriend, then don’t get pissed when you hear Austin is saying stuff about you. It’s just a bitter ex, no reason it should bother you unless you still like the guy…huh Reichen?

  • David

    I have no problem admitting that I rather enjoy watching the show. Sure, Austin is an A-hole and a bitch but everyone seems pretty caddy (or they are really good at playing it up for the camera), but it’s not boring. It’s not real life but neither are the Housewives franchise, Jersey Shore, or MTV Real World, but we are all smart enough to enjoy them as our guilty pleasures and take them for face value.

  • Rodiney

    I got to tell you: Rodiney is brazilian, not spanish!
    He doesn´t speak spanish, so stop telling these lame latino jokes.

  • JoeyO'H

    Did I mention Rodiney is simply hot, hot, hot, hotter than Hell? He is one hunk of a beautiful man. Great body, beautiful face and I love his accent. I haven’t a clue what he’s like in real life but I’d love to find out!

    I hope I didn’t offend too many guys here with me saying that the A-List is built around some dishy queens. Austin is annoying and a bitchy queen. I don’t feel the entire cast is like that… Some of the cast members come off so phony and superior that it’s such a turn off to listen to themselves speak.

    Noe Mike and Rodiney… Now there is two men to talk about.

  • hephaestion

    “The Soup” on E! ridiculed “A List” mercilessly and I can’t blame them a bit. The incidiousness of this show will set us back 20 years.

  • Mark212

    The ratings for the second episode were lower than the first one. Not a good sign for the show. I would rather watch NOAH’S ARC or CBS NEWS ON LOGO then this crap.

  • Yellow Bone

    @Jigae: It doesn’t. It really doesn’t. Not when they began criticizing it BEFORE they were advertising for it.

  • MichaelinCO

    Holy shit!! The writer of this blog and the people who love him are pathetic!! You’re probably the same hypocritical gays who wear “NoH8” on your faces. You people are really miserable. How do you hate others with such fun and laughter? The problem with the community isn’t the A-List. It’s you.

  • Kieran

    What do you want, more Buffy the Vampire re-runs and RuPaul drag queen shows running on logo? Be thankful they’re finally offering a show portraying real gay men. Yes, I said real. Who can dispute that the petty, prissy bitchiness of Derek, who just lives to be appalled or offended by something or someone, isn’t realistic of many gay men? Unfortunate, unattractive, but true.

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