A-List Outing Imminent?

Gossip mongers seem to think an A-list actor’s about to be outed:

Which TOP Hollywood actor has played a gay character in the past and has recently been linked to a top actress? I was honestly shocked to find out the facts of this man’s personal life, maybe you will be too. Wait to see who it is on Monday!

Most folk say Jake Gyllenhaal, who’s reportedly smooching Reese Witherspoon, but that wouldn’t be much a surprise. Welcome news, yes, but certainly no shocker. Thoughts?

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  • Allen

    Ryan Phillipe?

  • james_boston

    Amazing how desperate gay dudes are for their crushes like Gyllenhaal to be gay. Guys, just because you played gay, doesn’t mean you are. They’re actors. They’re acting.

    In fact, in this environment, only straight actors probably have the balls to play gay so more than likely, Gyllenhaal is straight. And funny how we never guess any ugly actors as gay.

    Having said that, my pick is Brad Pitt (I hear Angelina has a dick.) Alright that’s wishful thinking and he doesn’t have an oscar so…Denzel Washington.

  • juliansorl

    wow, i thought i was the only one to hear about the justin timberlake ryan phillipe affair.

  • Paul Raposo

    Wow, James, you’ve actually written something that I can agree with.

  • Reader

    You go Queerty!

  • james_boston

    “Wow, James, you’ve actually written something that I can agree with.”

    Great. Now I’m gonna have to go kill myself.

  • WWH

    James boston – It depends what yer into, but Kevin Spacey is no Morning Goods. Everyone else, when did Phillipe play gay? I’d like to see that!

  • manifoldstore.com

    WWH: I don’t think the blind item refers to Ryan Phillipe, but he did play a gay teen on One Life to Live. According to IMDB, his role was the first gay teen on a U.S. soap.

    Could the item be about Wentworth Miller? There are pics of him today on Towleroad with Luke MacFarlane, T.R. Knight’s old bf. Luke played a gay character on some TV show.

  • WWH

    Note the emphasis on “TOP hollywood actor”. Who was the top in Brokeback – I could never really tell.

  • Smartypants

    Ryan Phillipe played gay (or at least bi) in Gosford Park. Oh please, let it be Ryan!

  • jassmith77

    Could it possible be Owen Wilson???

  • Alexa

    God, I hope not, jassmith. The thought of him ODing because he was about to be outed is kind of scary.

  • forbesfart

    The Oscar-nominated actor Owen Wilson has appealed for privacy after being hospitalised in Los Angeles following a reported suicide attempt.

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