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A Network More Conservative Than Fox News Is Coming This Summer. Be Afraid

Before you go around saying, “Does America really need another right-wing network besides Fox News?,” remind yourself that Fox News is not actually leaning as far as it could into the cultural fringe. That’s where Right Network, the new Comcast-based channel, comes in. (Updated: Or not.)

It’s a most amusing move, because as Comcast devours NBC Universal’s television programming, it will also acquire MSNBC, America’s Leading Liberal Network. Which means it’s set to profit, with advertising and cable carrier fees, from America’s polarizing political camps. Win win, yes?

It would be a fair assessment, based on this promo video from Broadgay Kelsey Grammer, that this is really the Tea Party Network.

And have you seen their trailer? All this attention has been paid to Oprah launching her own network, and right beneath your feet comes something more terrifying than a 24/7 Jerry Falwell network. Which we will totally be watching. This summer.

UPDATE: Politico‘s Michael Calderone relays a Comcast statement saying it has not partnered with, invested in, or agreed to distribute the network.