A New Argentina Overturns Gay Military Ban

610xBetween affordable high quality wine and this, Argentina is losing its reputation as the land of revolving dictatorships and is increasingly seen as a stable and progressive democracy in Latin America. Effective today, gays and lesbians will be able to serve openly in the Argentinian armed forces, making our dreams of a real-life musical version of Evita that much closer to reality. That’s right America, Argentina is a more just and equal place than the U.S.

Many thanks to Blabbeando for translating the relevant AG Magazine article from Spanish:

“In Argentina, starting today, a new military justice system goes into effect which decriminalizes homosexuality among uniformed members, eliminates the death penalty, and moves crimes committed exclusively within the military to the public justice sphere [previously there had been a separate military court system].

Under the old system, gays were not permitted to have access to a military career, at the same time as this sexual orientation was penalized. And, while there are no publicly known former sanctions against gays under the old policy, this does not mean that men and women with that sexual orientation have not been disciplined, and perhaps separated from the armed forces under a mantle of silence.

In fact, with this new system, gay men or lesbian women who wish to train in the forces should encounter no impediment, nor any military retaliation areas.”