A New Vatican Document Suggests The Church Really Is Softening It’s Tone On LGBT Issues

pope-francis3-e1363954762610-360x208The big question hanging over Pope Francis has been whether he would deliver on his rhetoric when it comes to LGBT issues. After all, it’s one thing to say “who am I to judge” and another to actually get the Church behind that sentiment. But a new Vatican document suggests that Francis really is serious about moving the Church away from its outright hostility toward gays and lesbians, although not about changing Church policy.

The document is a 75-page working paper put together by Catholic bishops in response to a worldwide survey of Catholics conducted last fall. The paper uses notably less harsh language than the Vatican has traditionally employed when discussing homosexuality. (You know, words like “disordered” and “intrinsically evil”)

For example, while the bishops don’t waver in their opposition to marriage equality, the paper expresses far more tolerance than the U.S. bishops have in their campaign against marriage. Instead, the paper calls for the Church to strike a balance between its teachings “and a respectful, non-judgmental attitude towards people living in such unions.”

In part, the change reflects the attitude of the laity. The paper says that the folks in the pew expressed “a certain unease at the challenge of accepting these people with a merciful spirit and, at the same time, holding to the moral teaching of the Church …” In fact, that’s probably a generous interpretation, given how quick American Catholics have been to embrace marriage equality.

The bishops also write in the paper that the children of same-sex couples should be “received with the same care, tenderness and concern which is given to other children,”

The document covers a number of other issues, but it’s clearly meant to send a signal to the hierarchy that the pope has a new program in mind. It will be interesting to see how willing his bishops will be to get with the program.


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  • Mezaien

    The Chupa Cabra, can say anything he like! you most be IDIOT to even hear him.

  • yousir75

    Until the RCC drops its opposition to same-sex marriage & drops the “intrinsically evil” & “objectively disordered” B.S., this is all smoke & mirrors to make Frankie out to seem better than his predecessor, Nazi Pope.

  • Billy Budd

    They are just afraid of becoming completely OBSOLETE.

  • enlightenone

    @yousir75: ..and to distract from the 100’s of years rape of children! Oh, and is attempting to do a Joel Osteen to keep their coffers full!

  • Mack

    The Catholic Church in Rome maybe softening, but the Cardinals here in the US are taking a stronger stance than ever.Face it the reason they want a marriage between a man and woman is to have kids to keep the church growing. They need the money so they don’t have to sell off the Church gems.

  • andy_d

    Francis: Talk to me when you acknowledge GLBT people’s right to adopt and/or marry and not before.

  • manxxxx

    Read the document!!! There is no change in attitude. The LGBTQ community is merely being demeaned using nicer words? So that means there’s been a change? Horse crap. Just last week Archbishop Cordileone made a point of stating that the March on Marriage had Francis’ blessing and the physical presence of the apostolic nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Vigano, in the audience was testament to this. Actions speak louder than 75 pages+ of double speak.

  • shadrak5

    Whatever they decide in Rome at this point will be too little, too late. The credibility ship has sailed long ago. Will there be a moratorium on the firing of gay educators who seek a committed, loving relationship (marriage)and the legal protections that marriage provides?

  • James Hart

    People forget: The Catholic Church has to take into consideration the views of lay Catholics around the world, including places like Asia and Africa where homosexuality is hated. Therefore, no one should expect the Catholic Church to change its teachings. It will remain a homophobic institution especially because the power center of the church is moving from Europe and North America to Africa, Asia , and South America.

  • James Hart

    John Gallagher: I guess that this is wishful thinking on your part. I’m sure your fellow parishioners are saying rosaries for your conversion to the “truth.”

  • James Hart

    @Mezaien: I finally agree with you.

  • yousir75

    @James Hart: That’s a complete cop out to blame Asians & Africans for the homophobic actions of the Catholic Church. The Catholic hierarchy is overwhelmingly white. And all the bishops, archbishops, cardinals, & popes who said/did anti-gay things here have been all white.

  • jayj150

    “….softening It’s tone…”. I’m not saying you guys have proofread ALL of your entries, but if you made sure at least your headlines were error-free, that’d be great Queerty.

  • Mezaien

    @James Hart: XOXOXOX

  • Cobalt Blue

    The Church always speaks words of wisdom and His Holiness, Pope Francis is amzing because, by far he’s the most aproachable pope that I saw at the Holy See. On the other hand…What I see here is a bunch of lost souls trying to justify their sick options and presenting/making themselves as the disfunctional part of the mankind.

  • tdx3fan

    @Billy Budd: They are just afraid of the eminent fact that eventually the American Catholic Church, where they get all of their funds from (so that the Pope can dress like a drag queen)will splinter off from Rome and overthrow the leadership that is anti-American values (freedom, dignity and respect for all).

  • tdx3fan

    @James Hart: Except that they are not targeting the actually economic successful countries in Asia. I don’t see them with a big presence in China and Japan.

    Every time I hear this argument, I always come back with the same one. They need MONEY to build their churches and spread their missions. That money still comes predominately from churches in the United States. As long as that is the case, we still have a very strong voice in the Catholic Church.

  • tdx3fan

    @Cobalt Blue: Why don’t you try reading the very book that your religion is based on. The actual book that was adopted in 300 AD. If you did, you would quickly realize that the entire Catholic religion is not AT ALL grounded in biblical teachings. Of course, you would never actually read the book entirely because that is so completely discouraged in your faith because then you would realize what a farce your Catholic faith actually is. To begin with, the book says that man shall call no other man father and that man shall worship no one but God. The very fact that there is a Holy Spirit is proof that the Catholic Church is simply a farce… if you have a direct communication with God then you don’t need to pay the church for such a communication.

    I don’t believe the mythology, but I still will debate anyone on the meaning of it!

  • EGO

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hit the Catholic Church hard in the pocket book. The Catholic Church added celibacy to the religion when it became too expensive to pay family expenses of the married. Churches losing money and members because of these bigoted rules often change their rules. The Mormon Church was losing money and members some 50/60 years ago when they denied priesthood to African Americans and other racial groups. They lost in California (Prop. 8) and most likely will lose in Utah. Money, money, money! :>)

  • TheNewEnergyDude

    @yousir75: Yep…you took the words right out of my mouth. They can go fuuuuck themselves.

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