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A Nice Cap to Pride Month from The Juliettes: “Hooray, You’re Gay”

The Juliettes, an all-girl pump rock group out of grunge capitol Seattle, are more than just gay allies (yup, they’re all straight “women who love women,” as they say), they’ve written another gay anthem for the summer (Yes, Gaga, you probably have the bigger one of the season). The Juliettes’ song is called “Hooray, You’re Gay.”

The girls say, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” but rather “Why Ask, Who Cares?” It’s not about gay marriage, it’s about marriage. And they simply state–from their hetero mouths to everyone’s ears–it’s more than okay to be gay.

The net proceeds from “Hooray, You’re Gay” benefit community advocacy programs that support LGBT teens, as well as a 24-hour crisis-intervention hotline. Proceeds will also benefit the It Gets Better campaign. Download the song here, watch the video below, or listen as a part of this week’s Swish Edition episode.

Scott Wallis is co-host of the GayCities/Queerty-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. The June 30 episode celebrates the end of Pride month with the Juliettes as well as discussions about the furrie convention in Pittsburgh, NY gay marriage, Madonna’s new comic book, Anchorage’s ruined Pride parade and much more. Listen here:

Photo by Cleary O’Farrell Photography

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  • j

    See, I would listen to the interview, but then I read that the show has a discussion on furries and by clicking I’d boost the number of people who listened and the show’s host might think that that kind of thing’s popular and he should do more of it. Let the pathetic tragedy that is the furry fandom alone to rot on the internet, thanks.

  • R. Scott Wallis

    @j: Really? I seriously don’t think a 3-minute discussion about 6,000 furries getting together in Pittsburgh will sway many people to try on a dog suit and get it on with a dude in a wolf costume. We just thought it was funny (and yes, way weird) so we brought it up among lots of other dirty and non-dirty stuff. :)

  • Adam

    this song sucks.

  • Michael

    Bad song but love the message and how supportive they are of the LGBT community.I loved the end also when the main singer shrugged as if to say you’re gay so what? I love that kind of attitude :)

  • dellisonly

    Adam and Michael did not live through punk or grunge obviously. The song was underproduced but it is cute

  • Michael


    I never really got into that kind of music no offense I loved the message though.

  • Reed Boyer

    Excellent song! Nice hark-back to Go-Gos. The lead singer has a good Grace Slick edge to her voice, and the beat drives nicely. Early thrash power-pop.

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