"Sorry" For Lesbian Gang Fuck Up

A Note From Rod Wheeler

Remember when Bill O’Reilly and his token black friend, the improbably named Rod Wheeler, took to the screens to scream about the lesbian gang pandemic?

Well, now that their story has made the rounds – and been ridiculed, Mr. Wheeler took it upon himself to apologize for all the homophobic-colored comments.

From Wheeler’s website, Rod 007:

During the O’Reilly Factor segment on June 21st, while engaged in a discussion on Lesbian gangs, I inadvertently stated that gang members carry pistols that are painted pink and call themselves the “Pink Pistol Packing Group.” I was not referring to the gay rights group “Pink Pistols” who advocates for the lawful rights of gays to carry weapons for protection. Further, I mentioned that there are “over 150 of these gangs” in the greater Washington DC area. What I actually meant is that there are over 150 gangs in the Washington DC area, some of which are in fact lesbian gangs. Lastly, I mentioned in the segment that there is this “national epidemic” of lesbian gangs. A better choice of words would have been to say that there is a growing concern nationally, and especially in major urban areas, of increased gang activity, which includes some lesbian gang activity.

I apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused.

Rod Wheeler

The experience obviously taught him loads – note the capitalized “lesbian”. Now that’s respect.

Wheeler also included a particularly hateful letter he received after the segment aired. Here’s but a taste of the nauseating note:

Those of us in the gay community are totally sick of blacks like YOU attacking us with lies! Hundreds of “recruiting” lesbian gangs in DC? Yeah, sure. Apparently you’ve forgotten, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor”.

As a black man, look at YOUR community. You people should only WISH to have the community that gay men and women have! When gay people move into a neighborhood, the real estate values take off like crazy. When blacks move into a neighborhood, people can’t get out fast enough because they know a massive crime wave is coming. Look what happened to Houston when they bussed a few hundred blacks out of New Orleans (you know, the ones who weren’t smart enough to get out of the path of a hurricane?).

That’s nearly as vile as Rod Wheeler’s statement. We certainly hope that didn’t come from one of you lot. If it did, shame on you.