A Pair To Remember: Queerty’s Underwear Style Guide

Men’s underwear has certainly evolved from the days of long johns and tightie-whities—with so many styles from which to choose, shopping is anything but brief.

We’ve assembled examples of some of the most popular trends in men’s intimate apparel to help you slip into the pair that’s right for you.

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The Modified Jockstrap

What Is It? A pair of briefs with an easy access hole in the back

Who’s It For? Guys not even pretending to play sports who just want to tell everyone the locker room, “I’m available.”

Photo: Addicted



The Mankini

What Is It? An itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, leaving-very-little-to-the-imagination man’s bikini

Who’s It For? The guy not quite up to free-ballin’ it who nevertheless hates all that fabric around his manhood

Photo: The Underwear Expert



The “Cock Sock”

What Is It? A bulge-enhancing brief, often with a built-in cock ring

Who’s It For? Anyone who wants to fly their phallic flag at half-mast at all times

Photo: Gregg Homme



The Bachelor Padding

What Is It? A butt-enhancing brief/boxer-brief

Who’s It For? Those who may not be particularly gifted in the gluteus region, but still want guys to think baby’s got back.

Photo: D. Hedral




The Fashion Brief

What Is It? An avant-garde take on the traditional brief

Who’s It For? Anyone who fancies themselves a fashionisto—no matter what everyone else on the planet thinks.

Photo: Allen Zaki/Petit Q



The Mesh G-String

What Is It? A pouch held together (barely) by two bits of string

Who’s It For? Strippers. (C’mon, you’re not fooling anyone.)

Photo: Pablo Chester/Malebasics