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  • jason

    She’ll be performing???? You mean lip-syncing, don’t you?

  • Devonasa

    She is actually not performing, Perez Hilton just confirmed it. He says she is just there attending to “support her gays”.

    She looks beautiful!

  • LARA


  • Darcy

    I love this bitch so darn much

  • ,

    awww! she looks beautiful!

  • MontyC

    Love Her! xo

  • jason

    Support the gays? To me, she looks as if she’s exploiting them. Gay men are particularly exploitable. Tragic, really.

    She must have a new album coming up, methinks.

  • TommyOC

    I’m glad to see some coverage of a gay event that’s *not* situated on the East Coast.

    Too bad it took Britney Spears to do it.

  • ycktr

    Who cares? She’s there to promote whatever piece of shit, auto-tuned garbage album she’ll be vomiting out into the world soon.

    Why are we always so desperate for acceptance that we see this sort of thing as a show of support? It’s PR and promotion…nothing more, nothing less. And queens have gotten so complacent and vapid we just lap it up and ask for more.

    None of these people would give a shit if they didn’t stand to benefit. There’s a circuit party EVERY weekend…and other gay events just as often. Where was she then? Exactly.

    Everyone is losing their shit. Over what? So sad.


  • ossurworld

    She was looking for Justin.

  • RUSerious

    @ycktr: Oh yeah. Let’s have her at a circuit party. A party with lots of shirtless gay men fucked up on drugs and having sex with each other in the corners.


    Ummm..the White Party (where she was spotted) IS a circuit party.
    I’m not sure I get your point…are you agreeing with me, or arguing with me?

    Personally, I don’t care what she does musically – I’m not plugged into that world so it won’t register on my screen at all. I just wish younger gay men would pick more significant things/people to get excited (i.e. commit their time and money) about…


  • NAP79

    Only the most vapid and ridiculous queens will get excited over seeing common white trash in a bad weave show up to a drug-fueled color-themed orgy.

    Is this really who we want joining our movement?

  • drewbrown

    Of course she didn’t perform. She CAN’T perform. I had the misfortune of getting free tickets to her “concert” last year at Staples Center in LA. She did not sing one single note live, and she barely even danced. She pranced up and down the stage in high heels doing what we coined “the piggy trot”. It was sad.

  • TonyD

    When it comes to supporting tragic messes in their prime (i.e. Madonna/GaGa) or their worst (Britney/HRC) gay men are suckers.

  • Marcos


    who cares? it’s fucken britney bitch!

  • ycktr

    On second thought – it’s the white party…anyone who’s (still?) into those train wreck drug-a-thons isn’t likely to be part of advancing queer culture or pushing important legislation. Hell most of them can hardly show up for work on Monday.

    Truly a waste.


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