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  • Lika Starr

    Woohoo! What are we waiting for? Let’s all sign up today!

  • Ryan

    A Log Cabin-er responds with “But he’s totally way better than Bush” in 3… 2… 1…

  • emb

    This is brilliant, but I’m sure the LCRs will shriek in outrage (and assure us that all these issues can be neatly changed from within), and for cranky hillarians to mention, apropos of nothing, that she’d be better than Obama.

  • Bob

    I’d sign on to the following: “I pledge to vote for John McCain in November 2008 because I believe Barack Obama is a joke and his worshippers are infantile assholes.” Yeah, that I could get behind.

  • max

    If anyone thinks John McCain is going to pass any anti gay policies under a democratic congress they are not living in reality. GWB tried to do all of this under a republican congress and the only thing that happened was gay marriage in Massachusetts and California, and soon to be New Jersey and the overturning of the sodomy laws. gay rights have come miles in the last 7 years and all I can say is 4 more years of Bush/McCain might put a gay person on the moon. BHO is a sham!

  • Jesse

    I’d leave the country before I’d sign this pledge.

    Obama 08

  • Gregoire

    “I’d sign on to the following: “I pledge to vote for John McCain in November 2008 because I believe Barack Obama is a joke and his worshippers are infantile assholes.””

    Bob, why don’t you defend McCain without mentioning Obama’s name? I dare you.

  • Bob

    Gregiore — I can’t defend McCain. He’s vile. So’s Obama. It’s called a protest vote.

  • todd

    I bet Mary Cheney was the first person to sign and pass it along to all her friends!

  • RJ

    Max- Bush might not have passed an anti-gay marriage amendment, but he sure did appoint conservative Supreme Court Justices. Supreme Court rulings have been overturned, and I do not feel comfortable about Lawrence v. Texas when Roberts, Alito, Scalia, and Thomas are already on the Supreme Court.

  • ChristopherM

    What are you protesting, Bob? Sanity?

  • max

    RJ If you remember correctly those judges were confirmed when the republicans held control of the senate judiciary committee. With Chuck Schumer as chair, a conservative judge would never get out of committee. Now I know that there is a possibility that we will not hold on to a majority for a full 4 years, but we do have a filibuster, which the democrats chose not to use for Roberts and Alito, so the democrats share some of the blame for the appointments. That said, I will never vote for McCain, I may vote for the Precious(BHO) if he makes it through the convention in August. The numbers are still very close and one wrong move could send the supers back to HRC.


    Thank you Max, finally some sanity in all this sea of cultist devotion! A democratic majority in congress that’s what our eyes must set on, I do think its possible given how the repugs have screwed up our economy.

    Gregoire dear now we can’t even mention his last name! What’s next ? Cuba/Russia/China with a dash of North korea!


  • noah

    Gay Republicans are ridiculous. McCain would not support ENDA or a repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” He’s said as much. So, a protest vote for McCain is like cutting off your head to spite your body.

    Given that Obama has had gay advisers like David Geffen in his camp since the beginning, I think it’s a good bet that Obama’s policies will be pro-gay as will his choices for the Supreme Court and federal judge assignments.

    It’s the latter appointments for federal judges that is crucial, too. Bush has placed arch conservatives in appellate courts and other positions around the country. McCain would follow suit. Similarly, the Bush Administration has gutted enforcement of many the Justice Department’s responsibilities for Civil Rights.

    A McCain presidency would be an extension of Bush’s. He’d appoint the same kind of conservatives with lifetime appointment to courts around the country. Think about that.

    And, remember, the McCain campaign is on liberal sites trying divide and conquer:

  • Bob

    No, Christopher M, I’m protesting the insanity of nominating an empty suit whose judgment is seriously impaired. Obama sucks.

  • Puddy Katz

    Juvenile and not funny.

  • Ryan

    Churchill-y, in case you haven’t noticed, we actually already have a Democratic majority in Congress. Wasn’t it awesome when ENDA and the Matthew Shepard Act became law? Oh – right – that hasn’t happened because Bush has promised to veto both.

    I guess what you want is a SUPER majority so that you can vote for John McCain and, presto!, it won’t matter because his veto power won’t matter. Unfortunately, the chances of a super majority are slim.

    Anyway, wouldn’t having a Democrat in the White House just be easier? Of course, you’d have to get over your obsession with Hillary’s defeat (but she won 18 million votes!) to admit that, but one of these days, maybe you will.

    Either way, I’m no political scientist (yet, but in 3 years…) but I’m pretty sure your vote won’t be the determining factor of whether McCain or Obama takes the oath of office in January.

  • Ryan

    And, Bob, as far as Obama’s “seriously impaired” judgment, can you be more specific? Hurling empty accusations after calling him an “empty suit” seems a bit, um, hypocritical.


    Barack Obama Condones Coordinated Internet Harassment by his Thugs – Google

    Looks like Noah are is one of them.

  • Ryan

    I’m so glad that Churchill-y has finally just cut to the chase and referred us to a conspiracy theory. *sigh* It happened in the most conspiracy theory-ish way, too: the ‘ol “Hey, google *this*.”

    I love conspiracy theories myself, but my taste runs toward the “faked” moon landing as well as the theory that winning an argument on the Internet actually means anything.

  • Bob

    Ryan — he associated with convicted slum lords, racist pastors, members of terrorist organizations. To me, that says he has pretty poor judgment if these are his associates. How’s that for more specific?

    And by empty suit I mean the man has no specifics on any issue, just pretty speeches.

    He sucks as a candidate. And not in the good way.

  • Stenar

    GO BOB!!! @#4

  • Bitch Republic

    RJ, the right wing already has a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court, so they can repeal Roe v. Wade or Lawrence v. Texas right now if they really want to. Electing McCain as president won’t change that. At least with McCain, we’ll have someone with some actual experience in office, someone who has been willing to work in a bipartisan manner (much to the chagrin of the right wing of his party), someone who is a moderate (although he has to pretend to lean a little more to the right to pick up votes from the right wing of his party, not a blank slate that his followers are transferring their hopes and dreams onto, but whom we have no idea what he’s really all about.

  • ChristopherM

    You are wrong, BR. While Kennedy is considered a member of the right, he has stopped short of repealing Roe and wrote the rather eloquent opinion on Lawrence. It is one more vote that is needed.

    McCain is about as moderate as Pol Pot.

  • fredo777

    McCain will not get my vote, no matter how much hustling his followers do.

    I will give you the “experience” thing, though. The dude’s certainly been kickin’ around long enough to have experienced damn near everything.

  • Lika Starr

    @ Bob

    You suck (in a good way). Muahaha…

    Now seriously people, I’ve never seen such cry-babies. Obama’s not going to hurt anyone ‘cept his rivals, but he even does that with grace – my kind of man ;)

    So do what your political diva says and back da bitch! Then your precious Clinton can be the next president. Of course that probably won’t be until 2016 but sometimes you’ve got to play the cards you’re dealt. With that said; Deal with it.

  • Bob

    Lika, you so funny! Obama sucks. I’m voting McCain. So are a lot of other people. Deal with it.

  • Lika Starr

    Yeah, yeah I know…

  • max

    Bitch Republic – Lawrence v Texas was a 6-3 decision (John Paul Stevens, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg,Stephen Breyer and Sandra Day O’Connor who is now retired and replaced by Alito. Five of the justices who ruled in favor are still on the court,so it is highly unlikely that any of those five would vote in favor of overturning Lawrence v Texas. It is also highly unlikely that any of those five would overturn roe v wade given that they based their decision on the right to privacy, which most agree is guaranteed in the constitution. The right to privacy was one of the main arguments in roe v wade and roe v wade played a role in deciding Lawrence v Texas.

    It doesn’t take much to do your homework before you make an argument.

  • RJ

    Its not that those particular Justices would change their minds. It is that Justices sometimes retire or die. Stevens is 88. Roberts, Alito, and Thomas are the youngest members. Odds are, if someome is going to die or retire, it will be one of the Justices that leans left.

  • Ryan

    Bob, I think it’s great that you will be voting for McCain along with “a lot of other people.” You will be in great company: Pastor Hagee, Rev Rod Parsley, to name a few. Yep, you seem to conveniently forget that your guy has his own pastor problems. Furthermore, you are so concerned about Obama’s ties to “slum lords” and yet you conveniently forget about McCain’s involvement in the Keating 5 scandal.

    Speaking of poor judgment, maybe you’ve forgotten the poor judgment McCain showed in dumping the mother of his children when she became crippled and then marrying a beer heiress who is 17 years his junior. But, I guess her money came in handy, so maybe that was good judgment! Or how about his poor judgment in violating the campaign finance laws that he co-authored? Yep, it’s illegal to borrow money against future public financing and that’s just what he did. If you want to talk character flaws, you’re going to have to deal with McCain’s too.

    So, go ahead and vote for McCain. A lot more people will be voting for Obama. Deal with THAT.

  • Disgusted American

    any gay person that votes for McCain is a traitor! Plain and simple…TRAITOR! Enjoy of meezly tax cutz your fucking traitors/selfish bastards….sometime Integrity and Thinking of Others is MORE important then your own personal gain.

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