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A Preview of How Sundance Channel Will Frame Johnny Weir’s Television Character

In order for a reality show to tell a narrative each episode, the cast members must film separate solo interviews with producers, who can piece together these clips with the raw footage, and presto, there’s a plotline. “The reason I’m such a bitch to him,” Cast Member X will say in a voice-over as footage of a fight scene rolls, “is because he’s an asshole.” You see it on Jersey Shore, Survivor, and The Real World. Perhaps the most infamous example arrived with Kathy Griffin‘s D-List, where last season Kathy refused to sit for these interviews (“Don’t you have enough tape for the show already?!” she screamed at producers, though we’re paraphrasing), effectively limiting what kind of show Bravo could air. (Eventually and reluctantly, we’re told, she filmed the spots. As her contract stipulated she must.) But as Johnny Weir enters the reality famewhore cycle with tonight’s Be Good Johnny Weir premiere, the Sundance Channel previews what could end up being spliced into the season. Like Johnny explaining what it means to be bad, which will make for a nice V.O. during a Jonny bitchfight scene.

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