A Producer Once Told John Barrowman Not to Come Out. Guess If He Took That Advice


Like it’s any surprise Torchwood‘s John Barrowman, who is unreasonably attractive, was initially told by his handlers not to come out? Of course not. It his auto-bio I Am What I Am, Barrowman says a gay producer made a strong suggestion that he keeps things in the closet, to which he replied: “I really hope you’re not saying this, because I’m not going in the closet for you or anyone. You’ve hired me to be a professional, not to have sex. Being a gay man has nothing to do with my abilities on this show.” Apparently not: Barrowman just beat out hetero Alexander Skarsgard (vampire hottie Eric from True Blood) in a meaningless Captain America casting poll! Meanwhile, don’t all gay producers tell gay talent not to come out?