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A Promise to Absolutely Annihilate NY’s Anti-Gay Democratic Senators


Though the gay activist delivering the “bloodbath” quote wouldn’t go on the record, even we’ve been hearing from New York’s gay leaders that the Democratic state senators who voted “no” on marriage equality will be targeted in their 2010 re-election campaign. And these lawmakers should’ve expected it.

If there’s one thing gays know how to do well — besides throw dinner parties and find out someone’s top or bottom status on a first date — it’s raise cash for political campaigns. And after committing some one million dollars to giving Democrats a majority in the Senate for the first time in decades, the gays were looking for a some return on their investment. Last week, Democratic lawmakers refused.

Now come the repercussions.

While New York’s gay activists — in particular, the Empire State Pride Agenda and Stonewall Democrats — already try to get gay-friendly Democrats elected over Republicans, now they’re going after the supposed sympathetic party, with promises to fund the campaigns of candidates who will pass LGBT legislation, even if that means unseating an incumbent Dem. And by “even if,” we mean “specifically because.”


So who’s at risk of gay activist ire in the 2010 race? Any Dem who voted no — since they’re all up for re-election. But then there’s a special class of “no” voters that will receive the majority of activists’ attention: those who indicated they’d support gay marriage, only to shoot it down. That means Sens. Hiram Monserrate, Carl Kruger (the maybe gay), Shirley Huntley, George Onorato, and Sen. Bill Stachowski.

And of course there’s Enemy No. 1: Sen. Joe Addabbo (pictured), who can’t understand why you thought he’d support the homos.

Good luck next year, candidates!