A Promise to Publicly Shame Any Washington Resident Who Opts for Inequality


Remember how the Mormon Church went screaming to the mountain tops after marriage equality supporters published the names of every person who donated toward passing Prop 8? Now a preemptive strike in Washington State: If you sign a petition to repeal domestic partnership protections, your name will be made available to anyone with an Internet connection.

WhoSigned.org promises to publish the names of anyone supporting putting Referendum 71 — which would repeal the “everything but marriage” expansion of rights afforded to gay couples — to voters on this November’s ballot.

Says the self-described grassroots organization: “WhoSigned.org will make the petitioners names accessible online once the petition has been verified by the Washington Secretary of State and has become part of the public record. ‘This is about taking responsibility,’ said WhoSigned.org director Brian Murphy. ‘Petition signers are choosing to prolong discrimination against fellow citizens who pay taxes, contribute to their community and care for their families. This can’t be allowed to happen in secret and without a frank public discussion. We hope that potential petition signers realize the serious consequences their actions will have on gay and straight couples and their families.'”

More of this, please.

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