A Queerty Anthology of Adorable Gays on YouTube

YouTube’s come a long way since Chris Crocker started screaming about leaving Britney alone. Not only does the president now use it to directly address the nation, everyday folks like you and me use it to get our own personal messages across. And if there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s that you can’t stick a camera in front of a gay or lesbian without getting a performance. From the heartfelt and honest to the silly and hot, here are Queerty’s favorite young gay YouTube stars.

User: 5AwesomeGays

Why You Want to Watch: There are five guys, each of them take a different day of the week and entertain you with their take on whatever the weekly theme they come up with. The “5 awesome” meme is big on YouTube, but these guys are by far our favorite. They’re like a politically active, funny version of the New Kids on the Block.

User: WickydKewl

Why You Want to Watch: I’ve been trying to figure out a way to work in Davey Wavey to this blog for a long time, because, basically, he’s the YouTube version of a Morning Goods. The problem is that most of his videos are too goofy for me to say anything serious or clever about them. That said, he’s shirtless, likes to talk about sex constantly and if there was an award for Best Twink Ever, he’d win every year for the next three years.

User: r0sewhip137

Why You Want to Watch: We featured 16-year-old Derek last week for his awesome post, “What If I Were Straight,” but we think all of his videos are worth watching, because they put an honest face on what it’s like to be a gay teenager in America right now. He has all the typical problems any teenager has, but on top of them, he has to deal with his homophobic family and the difficulties of trying to have a boyfriend and a normal life. Hang in there, Derek. Things will only get better.


Why You Want to Watch: Well, Gawker calls Buck “The breathless gossip vlogger who will replace us all,” and Queerty says (right here! right now!), “If you’re trying to kick your Perez Hilton habit, but simply must have a dishy, flaming gossip gay in your life, look no further than Buck.” He’s total spastic and hilarious and it’s really a miracle of science that he can talk as fast as he does without keeling over from hyperventilation.

User: coleywog

Why You Want to Watch: The side project of VGL Gay Boy Cole Escola, “Joyce” is the brand-spankin’ new YouTube sitcom confessional of Joyce Conner, a 49-year-old suicidal housewife. If you think it’s weird that Cole, who looks like jail bait, is playing a middle-aged woman, this is probably not the show for you. However, if you enjoy watching a comedy prodigy make uncomfortable jokes about alcoholism and mental illness, satisfaction is just a click away.

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