A Queerty Anthology of Gay Prostitution on YouTube

With the issue of gay men being arrested for prostitution in the headlines this month, we thought it was time for a serious, in-depth undercover investigation into the world of gay prostitution. Then we remembered, “Oh yeah, we’re a blog!” and went for the next best thing: Videos featuring gay prostitution on YouTube. Surprisingly, though at first we thought this would be a joke, what we found was pretty damn fascinating.

This hard-hitting film, titled Male Prostitution Documentary, was shot at the Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, and asks the school’s drumline team explosive questions about whether man-on-man prostitution is alright. Their answers may surprise you—also, some of them are shirtless.

Jerry Springer; gay prostitute; irate, gold-toothed, Bible-thumping grandmother—just add catcalls and stir. This is one of those clips that will be ruined if we say more about it. Who’s the winner here? You are.

Because we’re all about combining highbrow with lowbrow, check out this terribly racist report by Singapore news show Get Real. It purports to be a look into the world of gay prostitution in Singapore’s Little India district, but mostly the message here is that “foreign workers” are all whores.

Keeping up with the unfunny portion of our anthology – because, kids, real prostitution is not glamorous like the movies – YouTube user SaviorSelf06 videotapes and interviews the homeless. It’s a fine line between exploitation and documentary, but listening to “Boots,” a sex worker in Hollywood, is as unsettling as it is fascinating. Truth is, this is the sort of thing that makes the Internet such an barrier-breaking space.

God, we just love Davey Wavey’s video posts. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a plea for compassion towards hookers from a shirtless muscle twink, then seriously, send us $50 right now. That’s right, we’re cheap. You know there’s a recession going on out there, right?