Times Are A-Changin'

A Queerty YouTube Anthology of Gay Protest Songs

Of all the unintended consequences of the Internet, the explosion of user-created art and culture is by far, the most interesting. Nowadays, anyone with a video camera and an Internet connection can post just about anything their imagination allows. For musicians, this has meant an instant audience of millions– and a return to the sort of topical, politically motivated music that dominated the first half of the half-century. And when it comes to politics, nothing inspires more passion– and poetry– than the gay rights movement. Come join us for a virtual concert of gay protest music, from big names to folks you’ve never heard of.

Willie Nelson- “Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other”

Our concert starts off with Willie Nelson– and if you bear with our belabored metaphor for a moment, he’s our master of ceremonies, kicking things off with his 2006 ode to cowboy lovin’.

Sean Chapin – “United in Love”

Chapin offers up a Prop. 8 music video with shades of Joni Mitchell tossed in for good measure. He performed the song at a Join the Impact rally held in San Francisco on in November to a crowd of almost 10,000 people.

EternalSSA – “The Time is Now”

We sort of love how the gay protest music scene online is so darn folksy. EternalSSA offers up a rallying cry that inspires you to “fight for your right.” Woody Guthrie would be proud.

DBATES – “The Prop 8 Song”

The song takes really starts at about 1:30 into the song following a megamash of marriage clips. The wait is worth it. If you’ve ever wanted to hear a Jewish boy rap on about how the gay marriage movement reminds him of the Jewish struggle for full equality, now’s your chance. Since it’s rap, it’s pretty damn offensive and will probably incite yet another race war in the comments. We absolutely disagree with his comments about black people not supporting gay right, but this song is too much of a “only in America” oddity to pass up.

Michael Koppy – “Love Conquers All”

Written by a straight guy from Northern California, Koppy’s song was inspired by seeing gay and lesbian folks lining up to get married at San Francisco’s City Hall in the middle of the night. We got choked up.

Stamp Your Feet (Eric’s Stop Prop H8 Mix). Music By Donna Summer

As an encore, we throw in the DJ skills of Eric, who takes a classic Donna Summer tune and turns it into an anthem against hatred.

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