A Rainbow-Themed “Diversity Float” Made It Into Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

southie-bigDespite being banned from marching with any indication that they were LGBT, a group of gay men and women infiltrated Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade last weekend with a float covered with rainbow flags.

According to the Boston Globe, the float was registered as a “diversity float that would welcome people of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations.” But as the float joined the procession, marchers hoisted the rainbow flags and began throwing rainbow-colored beads to bystanders.

Officially, the marchers were formed as a community group seeking to build a park and it was only a coincidence that most of them were gay men.

Parade organizers had previously banned any LGBT-themed floats or groups from marching in the parade for the “public safety of our spectators,” but BG reports the group did not encounter hostility at all along the route.

“People were very happy to see us,” said Michael Dowling, president of the association. “We got a lot of thanks. We got a lot of applause. Nothing negative at all. We’re already talking about our float for next year.”

h/t Towleroad, photo via Boston Globe

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