A Rand Paul Ad So Bad You Might Just Vote For Him (Not Really)

rand man

The 2016 Presidential Election season is promising to be the absolute worst. If you thought 2012 was an endless stream of stupidity and shenanigans that made our Forefathers turn over — then subsequently throw up — in their graves, then this campaign ad for Rand Paul might make you wish for the halcyon days of Romney-Ryan.

America’s Liberty PAC uploaded the video on Friday featuring a surprisingly buff and shirtless Rand “Defender of Freedom” Paul  in a WWE Battle Royale scenario with Barack “The Email Reader” Obama and Paul’s fellow GOP idiots candidates Lindsey Graham and Ted “The Canadian” Cruz.

obama paul

The only Super PAC endorsed by Rand Paul, ALPAC is dedicated to “electing Senator Rand Paul President of the United States in 2016” and was founded by “veterans of both the Ron Paul Presidential Campaigns of 2008 and 2012” — so you know it’s good.

Meanwhile, the self-described Libertarian is virulently anti-marriage equality but this shirtless Photoshop job is about as gay as they come. Well…almost.

Check out this epic (fail) Rand Paul campaign video, and just pray Hillary doesn’t fuck this up, below:

Les Fabian Brathwaite — Sungay! Sungay! Sungay!

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