A Rare Glimpse Into The Troubled Lives Of LGBT People From Unfriendly Parts Of The World

Whisper is an app that lets users post anonymously about any subject. Previously we shared with you 16 of the best and worst coming out stories from around the country. They range from the charming — “I came out of the closet to my mom. She came out to me too” to the distraught — “I came out to my family last week. They all hate me now and call me scum. It hurts but I can’t help the way I am. They should love me regardless.”

We wanted to widen the lens even more and look at global LGBT experiences, so we asked the Whisper team to compile some data from some traditionally antigay parts of the world to get firsthand accounts. The stories people share can be heartbreaking, but the app offers an interesting cross section of where we’re at as a society.

Scroll down to see the troubling accounts they found:

Location: Quetta, Pakistan

I'm gay and I live in Pakistan. I fear my family for my life. Suicide seems to be the only way out. Kind of ironic. ????

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I can't come out to my family and tell them I'm lesbian  I think they will think I'm not normal and I will burn in hell coz i disobeyed God

Location: Zahle, Lebanon

That epic moment when you find out your middle eastern christian grandma supports LGBT rights even more than you do

Location: Krasnoyarsk, Russia

I hate being a lesbian and living in this country. Everyone's a fucking homophobe.

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Soo? A lesbian in Egypt like me will keep on hiding forever? Unfair.

Location: Amman, Jordan

I'm a gay arab and you cannot even imagine how scared I am of coming out to my parents.

Location: Cairo, Egypt

I'm lesbian living in the Middle East. Why this is unaccepted here?

Location: Kampala, Uganda

im gay and its illegal in my country. i could get killed or imprisoned yet theres nothing i can change.. its my sexuality and i love being gay:(

Location: Accra, Ghana

i can no longer hide my gay life anymore........!

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

I'm a gay but my parents don't know. How would I tell them?

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

I'm not sure I want to go to college, and that scares the hell out of me. I'm going to college abroad so I can be a lesbian and not get arrested or stoned for it, basically.

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

hiding being gay just bc your afraid if u loose your family. real teenage problem

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

I often think about coming out as bi...but I know that people won't get the

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

today some boys called me gay mockingly because I look and act like a girl. im a transgender mtf :(. they think im filth ;(.

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

When am I going to be brave enough to come out to my parents

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Gay guy living in Saudi Arabia. Yikes.

Location: Uyo, Nigeria

need some hot lesbian fucking

Location: Kharghar, India

i am gay and i am so lonely it hurts