A Sexually Active Gay Pastor Walks Into a Lutheran Church …


Brad Froslee is the new pastor of the Calvary Lutheran Church in Minneapolis on Sunday. Dozens of fellow pastors, as well as his parents, grandmother, and pews filled with congregants attended. But you won’t find Froslee’s ministry listed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church — because he’s gay and in a five-and-a-half year relationship, disavowing the church’s already contested permission of celibate gay pastors.

But to make it work, Froslee and the church and synod leaders are operating on what church council member Brian Aust called “the margins of the ELCA.” It’s an arrangement that could be formalized this August, when leaders of the ELCA – the nation’s largest Lutheran denomination with 4.7 million members – meet for their biannual convention in Minneapolis.

An ELCA task force has recommended a policy that would let congregations decide whether to allow gays and lesbians in committed relationships to serve as their clergy. The resolution has been criticized from both directions, with liberals saying it doesn’t go far enough and conservatives saying it conflicts with Scripture.