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A Single Man Is No Longer Gay Or Straight. It’s A-Sexual


A Single Man, which tells the story of a gay professor mourning the loss of his partner, is being promoted with very heterosexual imagery, because Tom Ford is too cool for gay. But all of that is about to change — because on a re-printing of Christopher Isherwood’s novel that the movie is based on, the University of Minnesota Press, piggybacking on the movie’s buzz with a 27,000-print run, is going with just an image of Colin Firth. Because the film is now devoid of any sexual connotations.

But don’t blame the publisher. Minnesota Press originally wanted a photo of Firth and Julianne Moore, just like the movie posters, but it was director Ford who, reportedly, insisted on the solo shot.

What’s the marketing strategy behind Ford’s choice? We’re guessing he figures all the gays who are going to buy a copy (or see the movie) already know about the gay angle, and the readers (and audiences) he really needs to work on attracting are straight women. And their reluctant male partners.

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  • FakeName

    Boring. Nothing would inspire me to pick up the book or even glance at it twice. The Avon/Bard paperback from the 70s, one of a series Avon/Bard released, features a sketch of Isherwood done by Don Bachardy. Much better and more classic than this generi-cover.

    Although I find the book completely annoying no matter what’s on the cover.

  • gomez

    get a grip, queerty. your phony outrage is tired

  • David Ehrenstein

    The strategy is to get Colin Firth the Oscar. That’s why he’s on the cover. It’s just that simple.

    Yes I liked the cover Don drew better.

  • bradk

    now if there was only a way to put a Deborah Cox remix on the cover and make it sparkle we’d be in business!

  • John

    At a glance, who would even recognise Colin Firth in that image?

    He should’ve been wearing some wet patns.

  • John

    Eh, pants, not patns…

  • R.F.

    Um….the title of the book/movie A SINGLE MAN. Why would they put Julianne Moore on the cover with him? Strectching this a little guys huh?

  • Fitz

    I saw the movie. It’s mostly about clocks and lovely furniture.

  • Mr.Woo

    Me too, I saw this movie. YAWN. Come to China please.

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