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A Small Town, Straight Highschooler Stands Up To Her Principal In Support Of LGBT Rights


An update on the Gay Marriage USA’s Facebook page told the surprising story of a Morgan, an 18-year-old, straight senior from Sundown Texas, who felt that what her school was doing to her was an act of discrimination that she wasn’t going to lay down for.

Earlier this week, Morgan was planning to take her portrait for her yearbook’s superlative award, “Most Political.” However, when she decided to use the issue of TIME magazine with a photograph of two women kissing on the cover, the yearbook photographer and her male counterpart both refused to take the photo. The dispute was over the two women kissing and not wanting to discuss gay rights. An issue that the principal later sided with the yearbook staff on, telling Morgan it was not something to be “discussed at the school.”

“I decided that it was not in my best interest to use either of those options, but rather to stand up for my right to use the copy of TIME magazine that I had chosen,” she wrote in a later to Gay Marriage USA.  “After school I couldn’t get any of this off of my mind, and I realized that the issue was no longer about the magazine and photo but about the discrimination my school was holding against the LGBT community and the infringement of basic constitutional rights.”

The following day, she decorated her locker in protest of the discrimination. However, it was not long before the principal pulled down Morgan’s decorations and she was in his office defending her actions. Eventually Morgan’s mother was called and she quickly came to her daughter’s side.

“My mom and I quickly argued our case, giving reasons why the treatment I was receiving wasn’t fair and calling him out for discriminating against me and the LGBT community,” Morgan explained. “After all of this argument he still wouldn’t budge so my mom and I threatened to call a gay rights organization so that everybody could learn about the discrimination being practiced at my high school.”

Rather than face unwanted media attention, the principal finally agreed to let Morgan use the TIME cover of her choice. In a small town of only 1,300 people, it seems that Morgan struck a nerve, surprising many in her town. However, she leaves for Denton University in the fall and will continue stand up for LGBT rights and marriage equality because “it’s not just a matter of gay rights but it’s a matter of human rights.”

The reason she wrote the letter was to “get the word out about this story and hopefully add a hand to the movement to stop sexual orientation/gender identification discrimination at schools in Texas.” And that she has, being a small but proud voice, helping to change the minds of others.

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