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  • joec

    Remember, this takes place in the near future, so I’m sure the answer is “any state in the U.S.”

  • Steven

    Always a side-character, never a main character.

    This is a step in the right direction, nevertheless.

  • CBRad

    Again, choosing the name Kevin Keller seems just too flukey. Like…are they trying to teach gays a lesson, or ….is it totally not meant for a gay audience so they’re gearing it towards straights?

  • Zee

    I love that they’re an interracial couple too, sweet.

  • joec

    Would any of you have guessed in a million years that the first comic book to showcase an interracial gay marriage would be an ARCHIE title?

    Y’all REALLY need to stop reading so effing much into this. Good lord, just ruin it for everyone why don’t you.

  • Storm

    I’m glad that this is just a “possible” future. Kevin’s a fairly new character to Riverdale, and I’d hate to see him hobbled and tied down too quickly without so much as a chance to bring Jugghead out of the closet.

  • CBRad

    @Storm: Or Reggie. Reggie was so vicious he had to be gay.


    @Zee: Sweet yet predictable.

  • Nixon's head

    Shouldn’t the white partner be named Kevin Keller?

  • personally

    Wait, wasn’t this character introduced like six months ago as a high school student?

    Suddenly he’s a veteran settling down?

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