A Socialite’s Son Gets Promoted

20051103_anderson cooper.jpg

We’ve been craving more Anderson Cooper for months now; Those boyish good looks, blue eyes, that sexy silver hair. God has finally answered our prayers. CNN is giving us an extra 25 hours more Coop per month! Though it comes at the expense of a longtime anchor who lacks any of the aforementioned hotness traits. We were hoping creepy Wolf Blitzer would be the one to go, but we’re just as okay with Aaron Brown getting canned.

CNN’s rating’s shot up when Coop’s mug filled the screen so CNN handed him Brown’s 10PM time slot with an extra added hour each night. Smart business move for the cable channel. It’s also nice to see our kind get, you know, a raise.

An hour here, an hour there. CNN might give blue-eyes even more time slots. You’ll get no arguments from us. We’d love to see the channel renamed Cooper News Network.