A Softcore “Fitness” Model Is Running For President

Remember the Reform Party, the third-party option Ross Perot founded in 1995?

Well, it turns out they nominated a candidate for president back in August—and he’s got a softcore gay-porn background.

Andre Barnett, 36, is a former member of the Armed Forces and an ex-fitness model who appeared in suggestive pics on the site, which is geared to that odd breed of gay man who eschews anything that directly addresses his sexuality.

Check out Barnett’s profile page:

Hard to believe, but Andre Barnett actually started as a “fat boy”! He began working out as a teen. While stationed overseas with the US Army, Andre began to look more towards the idea of reshaping. Andre played football, basketball, runs track, studies martial arts, and—well, there just isn’t too much he doesn’t do! He’s also a classically trained singer, with a range that extends from opera to R & B.

Normally we’d say, “so what?” and move on. Except that according to an On The Issues questionnaire he filled out, Barnett doesn’t endorse same-sex domestic partnership benefits.

He does, however, support teacher-led prayer in school. Which is good, because it’ll take a miracle for him to even nab 1% of the vote.

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  • Mjl-428

    Wait- You’ve been getting money from gay men but you don’t endorse them getting married?

    -the fuck?

  • Shadeaux

    If he actually had a chance in hell and wasn’t so HOT, I’d be really angry right now!

  • balehead

    Finally! A president I can get behind…….

  • Dionte

    I wouldn’t vote for him even if he did, same for Romney.

  • Spike

    President of what?

  • Dumdum

    I am voting for Rosanne Barr. Since voting is irrelevant anyway.

  • KDub

    Don’t care, he has my vote already. You guys are gonna need way better persuasion tactics to overrule that picture posted. Hot wins again!

  • Mjl-428

    @KDub: The Rock and Vin Diesel are hotter than him and all three of these guys are in the same category of tall, muscular, and bald. I like ’em big, but I also like ’em a bit leaner though.

  • demetry

    Ha, you guys are idiots. He was never in any porn and he is not gay. Hes about to get married. Get a life and stop lying. Do you think all of us black guys are in the closet? Racist liars!

  • demetry

    You should really do research before spreading lies about people. This guy helps a lot of people all the time. Dragging his name through the mud is a sad thing to see. I hope you all are happy with yourselves. He has never said anything about gays or anyone else. You have some nerve. Good lord, think before you go trying to destroy someone’s life because he does not agree with your outlook.


    I know that this is a little late, but I want to comment, lol:

    I wonder what would have happened if he had been a more serious candidate. Would these photos have come back to haunt him?

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