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A Straight Couple Accidentally Boarded a Gay Cruise. Should They Sue?


Just how bad should you feel for a straight couple that unknowingly winds up on a gay cruise? Well, how much sympathy would you want if you ended up on a straight cruise when you thought you were heading to Barcelona surrounded by jello shooters and Speedos?

So is the story of an unnamed middle aged Italian couple who thought their cruise from Civitavecchia (outside Rome) to Barcelona would be a regular sun-filled ocean getaway. Then they showed up to the port where media trucks were swarming the ship: It was Italy’s first all-gay cruise, themed “Revolution,” and some 1,500 homos were getting on board.

And now, uh, the couple is suing. Because they were embarrassed. And they spotted friends they didn’t know were gay. Huh.

Gay rights activists say the couple’s lawsuit shows they are homophobic, though the couple’s attorney insists that’s not the case. They’re suing over a breach of contract; they allege the cruise line didn’t accurately represent the voyage.

And while we can understand why activists might be upset, have you ever been on a gay cruise? While cruise organizers say the three-day affair wasn’t outrageously gay, let’s be honest: Gay men don’t get aboard a cruise ship to take pictures of the sunset. So we understand the couple’s frustration, especially if they’re the more button upped type who aren’t interested in laying by the pool while everyone fondles strangers.

And hell, we wouldn’t want to inadvertently board a straight cruise when we expect to board a ship full of mai tais and men.