A Tale Of Two Steves: “Blue’s Clues” Stars Announce Wedding Plans

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 12.55.02 PMActors Tom Mizer and Travis McGhie are prepping for their upcoming nuptials by dropping wedding invitations in the mailbox, only this time, there’s no song and dance with a giant blue dog.

The couple met while touring with Blues Clues Live!, a touring production based on the popular Nickelodeon kids show. McGhie served as Mizer’s understudy for Steve, the show’s leading role, but unlike most showmances between touring boys, this one actually lasted.

“I had come up with my own rules for dating,” Mizer tells the New York Times in a profile that somehow ended up in the “fashion” section. “You don’t date actors, you don’t date younger, and you certainly don’t date on the road. So he was all three strikes.”

Good thing Mizer’s rules didn’t apply to all, because if these two didn’t wind up together, we would have never heard the super cute journal entry McGhie penned before their very first date:

“Today was a pretty incredible day. After going on [stage] for Tom today, I then went to the Andy Warhol museum. I was nervous at first because it marked the first occasion where Tom and I would spend any length of time together, but it turned out to be really wonderful. There was just a simple feeling of complete freedom.”

“We always have this thing that we can laugh about together,” Mizer said. “How funny that the two Steves were getting together on the road?”

Aww! Forget Adam, we like Steve and Steve so much better.