Watch: April Carrion Debuts New Puerto Rican Cooking Show 'A Taste of April'

A Taste of April LogoDo you love adobo? Maybe you get an overwhelming craving for sofrito? Or maybe your sweet tooth loves coconut flan? If so, April Carrion’s new cooking show, ‘A Taste of April’, will teach you how to make a variety of amazing Puerto Rican dishes, all from the comfort of your own home!

For the debut episode, April introduces you to the kitchen essentials for Puerto Rican cooking. These essentials include:

  • Adobo powder
  • A variety of sazon seasoning
  • A variety of Goya canned goods
  • A wooden pilon (“a hole and a stick”) for smashing things together
  • Homemade sofrito, made with cilantro, recao (commonly known as culantro in English), onions, bell peppers and garlic
  • Green plantains
  • Sweet plantains
  • Avocado

Now stay tuned for the next episode, because April will be uploading a large variety of video recipes very soon. Cross your fingers that she shows us how to make stewed oxtail because it may be one of the most delicious, tender meat dishes on the face of the planet!

So what are you waiting for? Before she uploads her first video recipe you better start hunting for all of these Puerto Rican kitchen essentials in the stores near you!

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April Carrion A Taste of April Puerto Rican Kitchen Essentials
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