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A Trans Superhero? A Lesbian Wonder Woman? Introducing the Totally Queer Spandex Comic


What’s this photo of Ryan Kwanten got to do with the gays? Besides the ‘mos lusting after the always-shirtless True Blood star, Kwanten has started filming Griff, a superhero flick “with a difference.” And that’s when we heard about another superhero plotline “with a difference.” It’s called Spandex, and it’s LGBT-errific.



Created by artist Mark Eden (who created The O Men), the Brighton, U.K.-set troupe of superheroes is, to our knowledge, the first all-queer team of crime fighters. The first issue, The Attack of the 50-Foot Lesbian is on-sale and has already required another printing.

Rounding out the cast are Liberty (glamorous transvestite superhero), Diva (a lesbian Wonder Woman), Prowler (absorbs the abilities of gay people), Glitter (male Dazzler), Indigo (beautiful French teleporter), and Mr Muscles & Butch (strong twins). But we’re more impressed with the villains: Muscle Mary, Pussy, the Pink Ninjas, and the spy James Bend.

“My comics tend to differ from typical superhero stories because the emphasis isn’t on the super-heroics,” says Eden. “There are some super-fights but I’m more interested in the characters’ private lives. I like to pitch my comics as ‘Eastenders meets Watchmen’. Spandex is also very sexy and it’s very adult and it’s very experimental. You will see things that you have never seen in a comic before. I’m really trying to push boundaries, but not in an in-your-face, scary way, so don’t worry. Oh yes, and of course, you may have heard that the characters in Spandex are all G-A-Y, and you don’t get a lot of that in comics!”

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