A Transphobic Ad In Canada Pulls The Old “Think Of The Children” Routine

An ad warning Canadian parents their children will be confused and browbeaten by a trans-centric school curriculum appeared in the National Post on Wednesday.

Now it looks like its creator is trying to get the fear-mongering item placed in newspapers across our Neighbor to the North.

Good thing print is dying, huh?

The Dalhousie Gazette’s Erica Eades says that Evangelical Christian leader Charles McVety, president of the Institute for Canadian Values, contacted her about running the spot in her paper.

“He emailed the Gazette about advertising and I basically told him to go to hell, Eades told OpenFile Halifax.  “I basically just told him that I found it appalling and that in the future if he could refrain from contacting me ever again.”

Adding to the confusion is that the ad specifically cites the school curricula in Ontario, while Dalhousie is in Nova Scotia.

A press release McVety sent on Monday read in part:

Stop Confusing Our Children with Gender Questioning Teaching

The Institute for Canadian Values, its 52,000 members and like minded citizens call on [Ontario premier] Dalton McGuinty [and legislators] Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath to commit to removing age-inappropriate gender teaching from the school curriculum.

“Parents across Ontario are outraged to find out that the Ministry of Education continues to teach children to question their gender, role play opposite gender, ‘search images of Pride Parade,’ make posters for Pride Parade and even have a Pride Parade in their school. To teach this material in the … Grade 3 curriculum is appalling.”

Maybe Tracy Morgan should run for office in Ontario. He knows how to handle kids who don’t gender-conform.