A Very Ugly View

Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck continued their politically-opposed on air debate during this morning’s View. Again discussing the definitions – and characters – of terrorism, the girls got more hot, bothered and downright nasty than every before.

The drama reaches a cringe-inducing crescendo even before the real battle, when O’Donnell attempts to stay out of the discussion. The big, fat lesbian correctly asserts:

You want to know why I don’t want to do this? Let me tell you why I don’t want to do it – here’s how it gets spun in the media: big, fat, lesbian, loud Rosie attacks innocent, pure, Christian Elisabeth. I’m not doing it.

It’s only down hill from there, as O’Donnell accuses Hasselbeck of double-speak and Hasselbeck takes a jab at O’Donnell’s other ongoing feud: the feud with Donald Trump, “It’s much easier to fight someone like Donald Trump, isn’t it?” Hasselbeck may be small, but girl can hold her own…

(PS: The clip may be a little long, but it’s definitely worth the watch. Not for the faint of heart, however…)