A Very Ugly View

Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck continued their politically-opposed on air debate during this morning’s View. Again discussing the definitions – and characters – of terrorism, the girls got more hot, bothered and downright nasty than every before.

The drama reaches a cringe-inducing crescendo even before the real battle, when O’Donnell attempts to stay out of the discussion. The big, fat lesbian correctly asserts:

You want to know why I don’t want to do this? Let me tell you why I don’t want to do it – here’s how it gets spun in the media: big, fat, lesbian, loud Rosie attacks innocent, pure, Christian Elisabeth. I’m not doing it.

It’s only down hill from there, as O’Donnell accuses Hasselbeck of double-speak and Hasselbeck takes a jab at O’Donnell’s other ongoing feud: the feud with Donald Trump, “It’s much easier to fight someone like Donald Trump, isn’t it?” Hasselbeck may be small, but girl can hold her own…

(PS: The clip may be a little long, but it’s definitely worth the watch. Not for the faint of heart, however…)

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  • Jesse

    Props to Elizabeth, Rosie seems to think she speaks for the world, while i love her on the show, she needs to realize just because someone doesn’t agree with her does not make them wrong, sometimes i scream at the tv at how hypocritical some of the things Rosie says are like if she only stopped and listened to herself. I she wants people to stop painting her as a “fat, loud, obnoxious lesbian” maybe she should stop acting like one! My favorite was when Rosie said Elizabeth cherry picks facts that make her point? what the hell does Rosie do?

  • Nova

    I think it’s time for Elisabeth to do some major research. How anyone can still support Bush, especially a woman, is beyond me. If she would only bother to read a little, maybe then she too, would not be so quick to be a little right fighter for Bush. In this day and age, it’s just plain ignorant to support that man!

  • ousslander

    I totally agree, Rosie is such the hypocrite. She tries to shout down any opposing point of view or dismissing it without a good argument. She doesn’t like it when people stand up to her and her looney rantings. Cheers for Elizabeth for not backing down!

  • Robert

    I heart Rosie.

  • Dan

    Why can I only see 33 seconds of this? I Really need to watch Rosie wipe the floor with Hassledouche…

  • Maddie

    It has to be the best TV moment EVER!!! Although I dont agree with Rosie on all her points I believe that anyone would expect that a true friend would never leave her friend hanging in the wind like Elizabeth did. To anyone who has researched Rosie’s position she has Always stated she understood and supported the troops were in Iraq due to Presidential orders. The fact that Elizabeth believes all the BS the administration feeds the public is just proof that she doesnt arm herself with a diverse link to the world was plain to see in todays episode. How sad to think that these two have confused so many issues. WAKE UP LADIES,

  • Jesse

    I’m sorry but Rosie being upset that her friend didnt stick up for her is ridiculous Rosie better check the structural integrity of her glass house if she’s throwin stones like that, shes called Elizabeth ignorant on air before, do real friends do that, and if my friend starts acting like a “big fat loud mouth lesbian” and i don’t buy what they’re sellin damn skippy im not backing them up on air

  • Cody

    Wow – that has to be the longest run-on sentence I’ve ever seen!

    I love Rosie and I feel bad for her. She’s done a lot more to inspire social change than any of those women have.

  • Nancy

    Elizabeth really believes what she is saying and doing is right. How sad! How Scary! While it is always good to stand up to for oneself and one’s beliefs, it is never good to be vindictive. Bringing up Donald Trump was a cheap ploy to keep Rosie in the argument after she said she didn’t want to keep fighting anymore. Friends don’t do that to each other. friends have heated debates and score points in conversation as EH and RD usually do on View, but mentioning DT was intentional salt in wound stragedy. It showed true colors, not so christian after all. Can you say hypocrite? Never mind, I don’t think GWB okayed EH using that one yet.

  • canada

    I cannot believe that after 6 and a half years of the Bush administration that there is anyone left in your country who supports him and his crazies… i agree with Joy, that it’s frightening how much damage the man can do with 18 months left in office… as someone who grew up admiring your country i now feel much safer in my own home where we oppose your war, can marry who we want, and have a government who is accountable to its voters.

  • James

    Will someone tell these two to be quiet? Both are silly and annoying.

  • Rob

    I am all for heated debates (I like both parties here), but Rosie absolutely cherry picks her facts and over inflates ‘figures” more than anyone on the show and by doing so vigorously infuriates half of America. She should be ashamed at how she has treated people on this show and her past show (TOM SELLICK) who do not march exactly with Rosie’s party line. Of course, I still find her sweet and engaging when she choses to be. In saying that, Elisabeth should not have brought up Trump that was childish and very vindictive. The View will miss these powder kegs!!! BTW It was awfully rude of Alicia Silverstone to snub Elisabeth when she came out for her segment. I am made up half right, half left, and now I feel there is no one on TV representing my views from the “MIDDLE”.

  • joe

    “girl can hold her own” – Who wrote this shit? Were you watching a different clip, because Elisabeth makes herself look like an idiot in the posted video.

    I don’t particularly care for Rosie all the time, but she won, hands down.

  • Kurt

    Rosie was simply asking her friend to defend her against the Republican nutjobs. When Elizabeth failed to do so, she showed where her loyalties exist. The sad part is, Joy brought up some excellent points and the discusssion devolved into a personal matter. I hope Barbara lets Elizabeth stay on her maternity leave and replaces her with a more sane Republican. Or is that an oxymoron?

  • James

    Does rosie not understand that Al-Quieda are in Iraq now? They are in Lebanon. Lebanon has been in a 5 day fight with their camp. These TERRORISTS are not backing
    down they must be eliminated.
    Rosie the High School Grad gets her info from B. Striesands web site and Arriana Huffington’s. She is so fair and balanced !! B.WaLTERS SHOULD BE ASHAMED BY THIS 2 AGAIST ONE DAILY FIGHT. i HOPE ROSIE IS REPLACED BY A REPUBLICAN WOMAN. mARLEE MAITLIN COMES TO MIND.

  • el polacko

    o’donnell proudly asserts that she only gets her info from people who agree with her. no wonder she’s so uninformed. this clip leaves me dumbstruck at how incredibly rude she is to someone who simply wants to express a view other than her own. ..and then tries to pull some kind of lesbianic victimization ?!… puh-leeze. shame on her.. and those who cheer on this kind of behavior.

  • Mark

    I fault O’Donnell for talking over Elisabeth when she was speaking, and because she does seem be polite only to those who agree with her.

    Let’s not forget that al-Qaeda is a small terrorist group that was trained by the CIA in the 80s, much like groups that are currently being trained by the CIA this year to start attacks in Iran.

    Those 650,000+ dead in Iraq were not all “terrorists.” They were innocent people that died because of lies. Anyone who believes that any part of the war is justified is a fool.

  • AQB

    I didn’t care for EH before Rosie. I began to like EH more because of her friendship with Rosie. Friends can agree to disagree, but EH is no friend to Rosie. Rosie… don’t waste your time or energy on that one… you can read the rest of my rant at http://www.busylifedaily.com

  • Dawn

    Rosie spouts off like a beached whale. Everyone is wrong and she’s right. Get a perspective on real life and stop attcking everyone who crosses your path. LISTEN!

  • Amanda Mafferty

    Rosie O’Donnell has to be the most annoying human being alive. Even moreso than my ex husband, and that is saying a lot. Elisabeth tried to make so many good points, but self-righteous Rosie can only talk and talk and talk over people until she thinks she can pummel them into believing the crap she’s been fed. Rosie only recites the “facts” she’s been brainwashed to believe and she expects everyone to believe them. She does not have respect for anyone else’s thoughts unless they agree with her. Although we may not like what the President has done, it is vital for us to respect and support him. The way this country is falling apart is one of the things the enemy finds as a huge weakness. We are not united and they will find that crack and make it bigger. It is scary. Rosie had a lot of nerve to say that Elisabeth is not her friend because of the question she would not answer. Elisabeth is right — Rosie won’t even ANSWER her own question! The whole thing makes me sick and I am so happy for Elisabeth or else the show would be completely unwatchable.

  • fearfly

    The world hates the United States and you are living with your head in the sand if you support the leadership of Bush. OTHER NATIONS HATE THE US. Why do we just regurgitate bogus information our government hands us?
    No WMD’s, no Osama, we are on the hunt for individual factions, attempting to restructure a new government and sway the opinions of Iraqi citizens (whom we are killing accidentally in the process) with this huge army? It makes no sense! How can you invade a country and tell them how to live? They haven’t figured it out for centuries! Let’s get our oil (for Bush, of course) and get the hell out.

    To watch Elizabeth spew the rhetoric we are spoon-fed on a daily basis makes my stomach turn. I wish this clip stuck to Behar’s comments more than the personal mess it devolved into. Sorry, Rosie, these bitc*es don’t stick up for you. Act surprised and move on.

    Hasselbeck has had a countdown to Rosie leaving on her calendar since it was announced.

  • Eric

    “Other Nations Hate Us”? So What? First, what can they do about it? And second, if they hate us, then they take care of their own problems the next time a natural disaster hits, famine is wide spead, or a country attacks another country.
    Rosie telling Elizabeth she can spew her Republican crap…Rosie and Joy have been spewing their liberal crap since September.
    Wait…this is sweeps. isn’t it?

  • Dale

    Oh the glories of shouting-match television. Unfortunately we’re not blessed with this program in Australia. I wonder if Rupert would buy it for us?

  • Kamasutra Jones

    Rosie is the epitome of an uneducated, uninformed, self-righteous, hypocritical, double-standard espousing idiot. While I don’t agree with Elisabeth (with an S) all the time, I believe she has the right to say what she believes without having Rosie shout over her with accusations, personal attacks, and half-baked thoughts of her own. The problem is that no one knows how to have a proper argument anymore. That is, one that follows the tenets of intellectual discourse that started back with the Greeks. If you disagree with the idea the other is espousing, then argue the other side. Resorting to personal attacks (and victimization by pulling the gay card) does nothing to further her ideas. It only makes Rosie look like the uneducated, uninformed, self-righteous, hypocritical, double-standard espousing idiot that she is.

    And, BTW, the large marjority of the supposed 650,000 Iraqis that were killed were killed by their own people, not the American soldiers. Even before we took out Sadam there was a civil war brewing in that country between the relatively moderate (albeit tyranical) Sunni muslim minority and the most definitely terroristic Shiite majority. Not to mention the Kurds. So, for Rosie to call the American soldiers terrorists (which she did and did not deny in the feud the other day), is absolutely wrong. Much less in bad taste and unpatriotic.

    I won’t even comment on the “no Osama” line above, as it obviously comes from someone who didn’t run for their life from the two towers as they collapsed. Maybe if you had, you’d have a much different opinion.

  • fearfly

    I agree with people not arguing effectively. It got personal and it shouldn’t have. I like that these women have an opportunity to have a discussion on television over the state of our country I wish they’d stick to the points, not who is defending who to the media.
    Who cares if someone is unpatriotic? How can you be patriotic when you disagree with 90% of what is happening in this country and abroad? Bush’s approval rating is less than 30%. It’s hard to wave the flag now.
    I care that the rest of the world looks at the U.S as bullies since 9/11 was orchestrated by people that despise the U.S. and further attacks may take place because we are despised. We can’t make everyone like us but we certainly can cooperate with the United Nations which is in place for this very reason.
    I’ve lived in NYC for 10 years but the “No Osama” was a point I was making only because Bush flapped his gums about Osama for 2 years straight (just like the WMD’s).Who even cares about Osama at this point? Even if we did find him and kill him (like Saddam) terrorism would continue.
    I wish we were dealing with people who had any interest in peace. There is no need to argue over the sad state of reality. We are in a war and there is nothing great about that. George Washington had it right when he said: “Excessive partiality for one foreign nation, and excessive dislike of another, cause those whom they actuate to see danger only on one side, and serve to veil and even second the arts of influence on the other. Real patriots, who may resist the intrigues of the favorite, are liable to become suspected and odious; while its tools and dupes usurp the applause and confidence of the people, to surrender their interests.”

  • corzak

    It’s frustrating to watch these two argue — Rosie with her emotional over-simplifications and Elisabeth with her Fox News drumbeat propaganda.

    But somebody’s got to stir up the water. The media (except for the PBS “Newshour”) have been passively neutered for the last 6 years. Only now is there debate about the current position and future direction of the country.

    But it may be too late . . .

  • Cora

    Hay, it’s me again. I forgot to tell Ms Wawa that I have a great idea for a new show starring Barb and Rose. How about an infomercial on how every house wife in America can buy a “Castration Kit” in three easy payments. Or better yet, how about “Survivor Emasculation” where they interview men that escaped all the newly empowered women they provided kits for. Here’s another one–a great new show where you hire unknowns to call your children and call them pigs -I bet you can guess who the host will be.

  • cora

    Let’s see now–if I can get this straight (no pun intended). These two graduates of Hollywood High, while performing on a talk show hosted by Barbara Wawa-sent messages to the audience (mostly 13 year olds that switched over from Drake and Josh) about subjects that they have little or no background to speak. Rosie is a repulsive, overbearing dirty mouthed pig that makes a living pushing her views on anybody and everybody–ROSIE! NO ONE CARES. I run a communications business and when I ask my customers “Do you know Elizabeth on the View is?” They, in most part, indicate that they have no idea who she is.
    They both have a right to their own opinions-but they cannot speak as experts on anything but sho-biz so please stop pushing Hollywood nut jobs, right or left leaning, on your viewers–we know better and change channels, unless we are watching Drake and Josh.

  • Susan

    Elisabeth’ Hasselbech is no graduate of “Hollywood High”. She actually went to college and GRADUATED from Boston College with a Fine Arts degree, was Captain of the girls softball team that won back-to-back Big East championships, and ran Boston Marathon in 1999. She has been employed by major corporations, including a footwear designer for Puma. And although it may seem trivial to some, she did finish in the top 4 in the “Suvivor, The Outback” which, only in its second season at the time, is formidable.
    Ms. Odonnell repeatedly belittled Ms. Hasselbech, at one time telling her she can’t “blather on”, asing her if she could “hold two concepts in her head”, and on and on. In 8 months she offended everyone from asians to Kelly Ripa. She cannot and will not control her emotions enough to hold a cogent debate . She blamed Barbara Walters for not defending her with Trump and now blames Ms. Hasslebech for not “defending her” when she insinuated that the US is responsible for illing 650,000 Iraqis. A number, which, by the way, has no basis whatsoever in fact.

    > large scale paintings and industrial design. While at B.C. she captained
    > her Division-1 softball team to > 1999, Elisabeth completed the the . She has recently been
    > honored with the Boston College Distinguished Alumni Award.

  • cora

    I’m really pleased that Ms. Hasselbech has such a solid background. Thanks for bringing it to our attention–Next time someone says “I don’t know who she is” I will be happy to inform them. Her biggest flaw is that she didn’t smack Rosie down sooner.

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