A View Of Clinton’s Obama Love

Bill Clinton caused a stir earlier this year when he said it could argued that any politician – including Barack Obama – wouldn’t be ready to take the presidency. The former president later clarified that remark and insisted that he’s got nothing but faith in the Democratic presidential candidate.

That mini-scandal comes to mind after watching this clip of The View, on which Clinton appeared to sell his new book, Giving, as well as the Democratic candidate candidate.

Whether or not he succeeded remains open for debate…

Explaining quite logically that the economy, increased voter registration and increased diversity will help his party, to which he admits supreme, if not begrudged loyalty, President Clinton goes on to say that he would be surprised if Obama doesn’t win. but also offer some rhetorical support for Republican rival John McCain.

No one can say [to McCain], ‘You can’t win,’ because the American people for good and sufficient reasons admire him. He has given something in life that the rest of us can’t match.

But I do believe Obama will win and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t. I think he’s a good candidate, he’s a smart man, he’s shown growth as a candidate.

I think [Obama’s] ready to be president. And I think McCain’s ready to be president. You’ve got to decide which president you want.

Clinton does address the “readiness” remark and expresses regret over the “bad rap” he received for the brouhaha. While to some degree we agree, today’s remarks – and a pledge of party unity – make us wonder what’s really driving Bill Clinton. Other than book sales, of course.