A Vital NYC Fundraiser For Ali Forney Center, Devastated LGBT Shelter

As we reported last week, the Ali Forney Center, the only homeless shelter in New York for LGBT youth was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  For the thousands of young people AFC’s drop-in shelter in Chelsea was their lifeline for food, medical care, HIV/AIDS treatments and a friendly face.

Even as AFC tries to figure out how to get back on its feet—a planned new facility won’t be ready till some time in 2013—those kids are facing days, weeks, even months without vital resources.  “Water went at least four feet up the walls, and everything in there, including phones, computers, refrigerators, supplies, and the building floors has been irreparably damaged,” said Carl Siciliano, the center’s executive director. “I do not see us being able to return there, especially since our lease ends in January.”

If you are in the New York City area, consider attending the Ali Forney Center benefit being held on Sunday, November 11 at Industry. Admission is $20, and all proceeds from the door and bar go to help AFC in its mission. The evening is being hosted by Ally Sheedy and Mike Ruiz, with New York City Council candidate, Corey Johnson, and entertainment from DJ Vito Fun, Marti Gould Cummings, Joseph Keckler and Brett Gleason.

There’s a matching contribution of $50,000 at stake, so even if you can’t go just buy a ticket.  You can also donate directly at the AFC Hurricane Sandy fundraising page.

The Ali Forney Center benefit is being held from 4-7pm on Sunday, November 11, at Industry Bar, 355 West 52nd St.