A Woman Fell In Anderson Cooper’s Hole, And Now She’s Suing

Anderson Cooper‘s awesome new historical home, the firehouse in New York City’s West Village, scored its fist scandal — and not the Haitian baby adoption ruse!

UCLA graduate student and interior designer Killian O’Brien, working with one of Cooper’s contractors (there’s a lot to be done in the firehouse before he and Ben Maisani move in), claims she fell through an unguarded opening in the floor in September. You know, where there is usually a fire pole waiting to be manhandled by handsome firefighters running off to a four-alarm blaze. O’Brien is suing Cooper, the LLC that owns the firehouse, and the contractor for violating labor laws and negligence. O’Brien’s attorney says “She’s lucky she’s alive.”

If only Wolf Blitzer’s beard was there to cushion the fall.