A Youth In Bavaria, A Career In The Hollywood Hills

Marco Kreuzpaintner

The name of German filmmaker Marco Kreuzpaintner is on chic gay lips these days thanks to the release of his movie Summer Storm, an autobiographical piece treating of a high school crew team romance. Suppose you want to learn more about him, however, only to find that every Google search entry for his name is in German? Queerty is here for you, translating the international poofter experience into the Queen’s English.

Kreuzpaintner was born in 1977 in Rosenheim, Germany. While he was earning a degree in Art History from the University of Salzburg, he simultaneously began making a name for himself in the German film world. By 1999, he had worked as an assistant of synchronicity on Stanley Kubrik’s Eye’s Wide Shut. In 2000, he and Oli Weiss established a production company; their films have won many awards. Marco is set to make a splash in Hollywood; hard on the heels of Summer Storm will come his next movie, The Girls Next Door, which weaves magic with the subject of sex slavery in the United States.