Gay Artist Finds Shamans

AA Bronson’s New Art Show’s, Like, Totally Kewl

Wow! It’s been many months since our last “Totally Kewl,” in which our imaginary instant message personalities tell you about very real happenings. So, without further ado…

Ttlykewl: OMG! It’s been so long!

BrdNYC: I know! I’ve been bored to tears without your totally kewl insight.

Ttlykewl: Well cry no more, little one, for I’ve got some exciting news!

BrdNYC: How exciting?

Ttlykewl: So exciting that you’ll piss your pants.

BrdNYC: That’s pretty exciting! What is it?

Ttlykewl: Legendary queer artist AA Bronson gathered nine of the art world’s cutest, gayest artists and organized a show at John Connelly Presents! We’re talking Terence Koh, Scott Treleaven, Item Idem and Sands Murray-Wassink. Andrew Zealley did the score. Big shit for sure.

BrdNYC: You’re right! I did piss my pants! Is Bronson’s Mirror Mirror on display?

Ttlykewl: For sure.

BrdNYC: What’s Koh got up?

Ttlykewl: He and Bronson collaborated on toilet stall that’s also a glory hole. One of the booths comes adorned with old sex ads and the number of some guy who apparently really needs cocaine. He and Treleaven also created a soothsayer’s tent, which is surrounded by sage shavings. The entire gallery has a very sexy smell right now: virile.

BrdNYC: So, what’s your favorite piece?

Ttlykewl: “J.X. Williams'” The Body Talks, which consists of books like The History of Flagellation and Bestiality and The Law. The artist also presented vintage newspapers from the week of JFK’s assassination. Can nostalgia be timely?

BrdNYC: Um…I don’t know.

Ttlykewl: I didn’t think you would.

AA Bronson’s School For Young Shamans will be on display until February 18th at John Connelly Presents aka 625 West 27th Street (between 11th/ 12th ave).
[Image: General Idea, Evidence of Body Binding.]