Aaron Carter “accidentally” exposes himself to 487K Instagram followers, claims he’s being stalked

Breaking news, folks…

Aaron Carter “accidentally” suffered a dick slip on Instagram Live the other day when he flashed his erect penis to his 487k followers. Naturally, screenshots quickly began making the rounds on social media. And Carter is very distraught over the whole thing.

He claims it was a total mistake (riiiiight) and that he’s actually offended people are focusing on that instead of his recent court victories.

(Quick fact check: Very few people are actually talking about the dick slip and Carter didn’t actually “win” any court cases. The closest thing to a court victory he has seen was a judge granting him a continuance after he was unable to secure legal representation.)

In other Carter news, the singer, who recently declared himself “the biggest thing in music right now,” also claims he is being stalked by paparazzi who have been “lurking” in his neighborhood.

He also posted a picture of a red convertible parked outside his house to Instagram as evidence he is being stalked.

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Keep them at a distance.

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(It should be noted that Carter’s house is currently for sale, so the cars could belong to perspective buyers scoping out the neighborhood.)

Carter’s last album, LØVË, was released in 2017. As part of the album’s promotional campaign, Carter came out as bisexual and performed in gay clubs. Later, he walked everything back, saying that, actually, on second thought, he wasn’t bisexual after all.

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