bad timing

Aaron Carter announces comeback tour amid coronavirus pandemic

The world is in the middle of a pandemic. Countries are closing their borders. Cities are on lockdown. The CDC is recommending that gatherings of 50 people or more be canceled or postponed. Hookup apps are sending protection guidelines to their users. And “bisexual” “rapperAaron Carter thinks now is a great time to launch a comeback tour!

The OnlyFans star recently took to Instagram to say he’s planning on hitting the road again, writing: “Missing my fans all over the world! Can’t wait to start touring again! See you soon. Where do you wanna see me tour THIS YEAR.”

Not only that, but he plans on bringing his girlfriend/OnlyFans co-star Melanie Martin along for the ride. In a comment on Carter’s post, Martin wrote: “Can’t wait to come along and see you perform.”

Carter recently launched an OnlyFans page where, in addition to a monthly fee, he is charging between $50 to $125 to access single photos of himself. Oh, and if you throw in another $50 and he’ll rate a photo of you.

But many fans have been angry after paying the exorbitant fee only to have Carter supply them with recycled images of himself that already leaked online.

Carter hasn’t announced when his upcoming tour will kick off, where it will stop, or if he will be releasing new music ahead of time.

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