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Aaron Carter Grants Bizarre Interview About Supporting Trump And Continuing Michael Jackson’s Legacy


The Aaron Carter Attention Whore Tour (TM: Queerty) visited GQ recently, and the former child star turned possibly bi guy and Trump Troll did NOT disappoint.

Carter hits every cray-cray base, from claiming that he’s “stressed” from all the attention (yeah, right), to explaining whatever it is that he does now as “carrying the torch” for Michael Jackson. He also claims that he’s still a millionaire and the rumors of him being broke aren’t true.

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Oh, and his new single drops on April 1st. The jokes just write themselves.

We’ve compiled some of the craziest tidbits and, well, read for yourself. Note: it works best if you do away with the punctuation in your head and just imagine it all as one long rant:

On his politics:

What made you so interested in the election this time around?
I mean, recently I’ve been rebuilding my life, I’ve been rebuilding my image and career. I went from five years ago making $30,000 a year doing the off-Broadway production Fantasticks to the next year getting back on my feet, proving myself, and grossing over $1.5 million that year. Everyone thought I was broke, but I actually haven’t been broke. There have been a lot of things people don’t understand about my story. So I kind of just find myself being able to relate. I like what he’s doing for taxes for the people. And I like what he’s focused on. Like, let’s worry about our deficit right now. And about our country. And about how we can actually make it great again. He’s proving that sometimes you have to file for bankruptcy and rebuild. I can relate. I’ve been through it.

On why Michael Jackson fans who bully him should be ashamed:

Have you ever gone through this kind of bullying before?
Of course. I told people earlier this year that Michael Jackson passed a torch to me. Because he did. People in Michael Jackson’s camp, you can interview them and they will tell you that he did. They will tell you that. I was passed the torch, in how to treat people and what to do with my career and my life. And Michael Jackson told me he started recognizing me from when I was a little boy, because I broke his record when I was eight years old, being the youngest guy to have four singles in the Billboard charts at the same time. I broke Michael Jackson’s record for it. And I broke it with one of his songs, “One Bad Apple.” And so he knew about me. He said, I watched your career. But I got bullied by all the so-called Michael Jackson fans. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves, if you’re reading this article. And Michael Jackson would be ashamed of you. Because you do the exact opposite of what he stood for.

On taking things personally…because he’s, ahem, personable:

Do you take it personally?
I take everything personally, but that’s because I’m so personable. And that’s because I can really relate to myself, I can really look in the mirror and know what I’m all about.

Fox News should give this one a show. The level of cray on display would make Bill O’Reilly seem like a saint in comparison. As for the Donald Trump support? Well Trump did say he loves the “poorly educated,” so there’s that. If you’ve got a strong stomach, you can check out the rest of the interview over at GQ.

Try not to give it too many hits…a cover could possibly be next. And nobody wants that.

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