Aaron Carter’s adult film debut reportedly involved peeling banana with his feet

Times are strange. Aaron Carter‘s adult film debut is said to have involved peeling bananas with his feet.

Even stranger is the prospect that actual humans paid actual currency to view it take place, but hey, we’re not here to judge.

Carter, whose OnlyFans launched in March to abysmal reviews, upped the ante when he announced on Instagram last week that he’d be appearing on adult cam site Cam Soda.

“It’s my first time! Check me out live tonight @camsoda 9pm PST #camsoda #cammodel,” he wrote, sharing a bathroom mirror selfie showing off his torso. His Instagram page has since been switched to private.

OK but what about that banana, you’re surely asking.

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A CamSoda representative told Page Six that Aaron will “eat bananas teasingly and peel some with his feet” during the show.

They added: “He will also masturbate for a live audience for the first time ever.”

But…did he actually do any of those things? Unclear.

Metro UK dutifully reported after the fact that Aaron “shot scenes in his shower as well as his bedroom, where he was at one point seen sitting on his bed naked, playing the guitar.”

Promising to peel a banana with your feet is an oddly specific hook if you don’t actually follow through, but maybe we’re just old fashioned.

Either way, some fans who tuned in didn’t appear to be too upset:

Back in May, Carter’s fiancée, Melanie Martin, made her debut on the same website.