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Aaron Krikava Yanks Son From Student Teacher Seth Stambaugh’s Class Over His Gayness

Oregon student teacher Seth Stambaugh (pictured, top) — who was kicked out and then reinstated from his job after revealing to students he is a gay man — won’t be teaching one particular student any longer. The parent who originally complained about Stambaugh telling his fourth grade class he had no interest in marrying a woman has pulled his son out of Stambaugh’s class.

Aaron Krikava (pictured, below), the father of the Sexton Mountain Elementary student who asked whether Stambaugh was married (and was told no, because he cannot legally marry a man), insists he’s not the crazed one in an email that’s circulating among Beaverton School District parents: “We have been called every name under the sun. We are not bigots, homophobes, or religious fanatics. What began as a simple event of a responsible parent expressing a valid concern quickly turned into an opportunity to push a political agenda.”

Now that the classroom is a “compromised situation,” Krikava believes it would be “irresponsible” to let his son stay there. This comes after a supposedly “threaten[ing]” phone call between Stambaugh’s attorney Lake Perriguey, and the boy’s mother Allison.

Krikava writes that Perriguey told the mother that if the family did not ask the district to reinstate Stambaugh, “he may not be able to continue to keep our names, and our phone numbers, including our sons, out of the press.”

Perriguey, characterizes the phone conversation in question as a “very cordial, factual conversation with a mother of a student, whom I will not name, about the district’s discriminatory actions.” It’s worth noting that at the time this conversation took place, Stambaugh had a public letter of support from 27 Sexton Mountain teachers, 22 Sexton Mountain parents, and nearly 5,000 people who signed an online petition to reinstate him.

It’s too bad the education of a little boy is what will be the only thing to suffer here. And while I’m sure he’ll be well taught by other instructors, it does nobody a service to eliminate a chance at embracing diversity in the classroom. The only “irresponsible” behavior, here, belongs to the Krikavas. [Blogtown; bottom photo via MySpace]

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  • Kyle

    Though culturally uncouth, this type of action is more than acceptable. Parents should have the right to control aspects of their child’s education. I say this as a future educator myself: if a student doesn’t want to be in my classroom (or his/her parents protest) they’re fine by me to find some other type of accommodation.

    The most appropriate behavior for these parents, however, would have been to move their student before creating such a huge fuss about a small issue.

  • Jeffree

    What “political agenda” do the parents believe is being “pushed”? Do they believe that LGBs shouldn’t be teaching?
    Would they feel similarly if the teacher were Hispanic or Asian?

    I still wonder if Stambaugh was set up for being ousted originally because of the parents’ own agenda. I wonder if it’s in their son’s best interests to turn this into a “big deal” and to make him adjust to another teacher/class?

    Why are the parents turning this into a public spectacle? How does their son benefit?

  • Jack E. Jett

    Me thinks Daddy is a Daddy in more ways than one. That mouth loooks like it has seen some glory hole action. IJS.

    I’ve never fucked him. His loss.

  • TomTom

    What a lost opportunity to teach your child about tolerance. Epic fail.

    As a sidenote, I clicked on the myspace link and see that he has zero friends.

  • GlacierGuy

    I think [No.2 Jeffree] is on to something here. It seems now that the teacher is out of the spotlight, the parents gladly stepped in it. The “dad” of this kid is really making a mountain out of a mole-hill. Is it really that bad? Diversity teaches tolerance, which fuels acceptance. To jerk a child from a classroom who probably has no idea what is really going on, is foolish in my opinion. I think it would have been more appropriate to just monitor the situation. Is the teacher really that bad of a guy? All he did is answer a question honestly, isn’t that the right thing? On we go people………..

  • Yuki

    Seriously! The kid asked the teacher if he was married, and why he wasn’t; the teacher simply answered the question and moved on. It only frustrates kids when you avoid an answer, and though it had very little place in the classroom, he kept his mentioning of it to a minimum and moved on. Get over it, father.

  • Tricky

    It’s too bad the education of a little boy is what will be the only thing to suffer here

    No, that is not the only thing to suffer here. The very fact that the school felt that they could fire this guy in the first place, is a disgrace. But expect to see more of it as us gays blindly follow the Republicans into the Abyss of fear and confusion. Yeah, Obama isn’t the best, but he was the best that we had.

  • fizzydrink

    I’m surprised. Isn’t Oregon supposed to be all lefty and Whole Foodsy?

  • DR


    great, now the child is stuck in the middle of this because someone wants to publish the email dad sent. and dad, you’re an idiot for not watching who you sent this to, and you might want to talk to your “friends” who kept forwarding the thing.

  • ewe

    Hopefully the door kicks them in their bigoted asses as they exit the school for the last time. BY THEIR OWN CHOICE!

  • ewe

    I hope the taxpayers do not pay one red cent for this kids tuition at another school or be bussed outside his own juridiction SINCE IT IS THEIR OWN CHOICE!

  • Mike

    bigot = a person who is intolerant of any ideas other than his or her own, esp on religion, politics, or race

    yes Mr Krikava you are a bigot, maybe you should check on the meaning of a word before you use it, maybe you could use some more education, such as that you are depriving your son
    I’m sick of bigots claiming not to be bigots, get over it, you are what you are, own it!

  • Nick Zubek

    So what happens when you get fired for being gay, but its called “lack of performance” due to “parental complaints”.
    Allowing this allows other forms of bigotry to be brought into the schools also, i.e. parents and children who opt to allow you or others to teach there children will be profiled and bullied for being in a gay class.
    I understand your point, but think about the ramifications as a future educator.

  • Tessie Tura

    Am I the only one to find Stambaugh more than a little “creepy” in his interview? He is not articulate, and acts like a social misfit. I’m not sure I would want him around my children either, regardless of his sexual orientation.

    There were more appropriate answers to give a fourth-grade child. For instance, “Marry? Dude, I’m not even dating anyone right now!”

    In similar situations now, I tell my students something like “I’m too old and set in my ways now, it would take a special person to put up with my old, fat self.”

  • Daez

    I stand by my belief that this conversation was absolutely unacceptable in a freaking class room. It was completely unprofessional. We are outside the norm. We need to realize we are outside the norm. It is up to parents to teach their kids about gays and lesbians, not up to gay and lesbian teachers.

  • Suse

    @Tessie Tura: Or how about “we’re here to learn, we don’t need to talk about adult relationships.” While I agree that it was unnecessary for ANYONE to talk about their relationships/ marital status to a bunch of 4th graders, it’s just really disgusting that these parents will put their own fears and issues onto their children, instead of letting their children decide for themselves.

  • prohomo

    Krikava claims it would be “irresponsible to leave his child in the classroom?! How?! What straight male bullshit. Krikava is hiding behind his bigotry.

  • prohomo

    @Daez: What?! Because we’re not the norm you believe we are abnormal? Self-hating much, you damaged buthead? It is we who represent ourselves, not straight people. Why would a straight man know about me more than me? What an ignorant fuck. You fail.

  • Jeffree

    Two points: To protect their son from “irresponsible” educators, the Krikavas should homeschool their son. That way they can keep teach them their own special form of “not” being bigoted or homophobic!

    (2) I wonder if other parents will join Aaron Krikava in removing their students from that classroom? That might answer the question if this is being stoked by a church or other organization.,.

  • DougChgo

    @ #8 Fizzydrink — it’s supposed to be, but my Mormon relatives lived up there for a time (and maybe still do — who can keep track? and who would want to?) — so there are going to be elements of evil and intolerance there as well as anywhere.

  • EM

    No, sure dad hasn’t got an agenda…

    His EGO is the agenda. It’s so damn large it wouldn’t fit into a school let alone a classroom. His poor kid’s education is uptipped because his dumb egotistical dad got his ass handed to him on a plate by a ‘mere’ gay guy. Daddy doesn’t like to be told ‘no’ so takes it to the next redonkulous level.

    Honestly, it’s his (kid’s) loss sadly. He’ll have to explain to his kid why he can’t see his friends anymore. Or why his kid has got to be ‘special’. If all this is not about agenda, I wonder what reason he’s gonna use.

    Oh, and this guy will be coming out in a year or two. If dad is not a closet case looking at that diva pose then I’m a Frenchman (which I’m not).

  • Shouldn't certain gay sites & their commenters stop bullying gays too? ( John from England)

    Everyone has said it.

    Why are you bringing your kids? And do we really think some friend from Facebook did it on his own is just silly, this is so premeditated.

  • EM

    @Tessie Tura:

    Tessie I don’t think you’re seeing the bigger picture here. The child deserves honesty and the teacher gave him an honest answer. If you want to tell kids you’re repugnant and fat and nobody loves you then that’s your prerogative. If a different teacher does not wish to hide behind flowery adjectives and simply be honest then that is their prerogative. As long as nothing sexual is being discussed why do you see a reference to sexual orientation as being ‘sexual’, which is basically what all this boils down to. Ergo, why can a child not cope with a non-sexual expression of orientation status?

  • peteNsfo

    @EM: Totally! You’ve nailed it… the problem is people bringing THEIR OWN STUFF to the ‘implied’ conversation. Orientation, in and of itself, is not sexual… it’s an orientation.

    The problem as I see it, is that the parents are certain this man should be ashamed of who he is and the fact that he’s gay- big deal, some people are gay.

    They will say it themselves, their fear is that being gay will be perceived as ‘normal’…. helloooooo!

    And this bull about ‘parents should teach their kids’ Whatevvs… home school the kid, otherwise, the fact that some people are gay should be taught in biology class & that’s it. They’re not teaching Kama Sutra, fer cryin’ out loud.

  • Tj

    My knee-jerk response it the father is a homophobic self-righteous, ignorant bigot who is harming his son by teaching him a poor and stubbornly ignorant, ungracious attitude.

    On the other hand, regardless of the outcome, the student is the one who will be damaged and have to overcome this early lesson of bigotry and stubborn attitudes of ignorance. Sadly, the student will most certainly be more comfortable studying elsewhere at this point.

  • Michael Letterman

    Finally someone taking a stand against Deviancy. I am proud of this fine mother she is an example of the right kind of parent doing the right kind of parenting.

  • Soupy

    oh Michael. I’m sorry that you couldn’t find a male prostitute who would service you tonight. There are some semi nude pics on here that you can jack off to though!

  • Jeremy

    @Tessie Tura

    As a future educator myself, I see plenty wrong with your hypothetical response. How would an overweight child in your classroom feel after hearing his/her teacher proclaim “I’m too fat to be married (read: loved)?” Not very inclusive, is it?

    When teachers go by Mrs. instead of Miss, they have just revealed their marital status. In the third grade, my teacher changed her last name during the school year. When asked why we needed to call her a new name she explained it’s her husbands last name and now it is hers. She revealed an equal amount of information as Mr. Stambaugh and was not fired.

    There was clear discrimination here and trying to mask it is wrong.

  • Michael Letterman

    Soupy: Yet more idiocity from the mouth of a Deviant. I have no use for prostitutes male or female as I am a happily married man. I can see where you’d have a problem in understanding what that means and I’m sorry that you decided to live the pathetic exsistance you have selected.

    To discriminate against a sexual deviant is wrong? Hardly so anyone who chooses to live a deviant lifestyle is opening themselves up to discrimination be it homosexuality, poligamy, child molesting or any other form that it may take. I would never alow someone who lives a deviant lifestyle to educate my child, provide me medical care, nor would I knowingly work for or with such people.

    I have nothing against homosexuals, just like I have nothing against people who attend orgies, however, I will treat them the same as all other deviants and if that amounts to discimination then so be it.

  • tjr101

    The father looks like Joe the plumber, a major douche!

  • prohomo

    @Michael Letterman: Michael, go fuck yourself you vile bigot. I’m superior to you, and don’t need an ignorant jew who hasn’t learned from history on how to treat others. Bigot much?

  • Tessie Tura

    @EM: I never said I was “repugnant”. Do you know me? Have you seen a picture? I’m 50 years old, weigh 220 and have a 40 inch waist. Overweight, yes, but not obese. And people still want to date me. If you don’t understand the concept of using slightly self-deprecating humor with youngsters, you’re probably not someone that I would want to engage in conversation anyway. So go back to your Tina, your circuit parties, and backing your ass up to glory holes.

  • Bobby in Seattle

    In my opinion, I have the distinct feeling that Daddy is teaching his child to be a homophobe / bigot. I mean really. What child (in the age group of 4th/5th graders) considers asking an unmarried person such a question, only to run home and tell mommy and daddy the “gay positive” response? Seriously. I’m betting every other kid in that classroom blew off the response and didn’t think two squats about it, afterward.

    I’m also betting bigot daddy is telling his children that should they ever hear someone (and especially an adult) say ANYTHING positive about gays, to let him know and he’ll take what he believes to be the “appropriate” action.

    Any takers on such a bet??

  • Josh

    Man…the trolls are out tonight, huh? Homophobia – internal and external – and racism…all in response to one story about a teacher speaking honestly to his student. America is rapidly becoming the home of the bigot, land of the coward, property of Republicorp.

    Every day, I grow more and more ashamed of my country…

  • ewe

    @Michael Letterman: If you bothered to notice gay men are discriminated against and cannot be a “happily married man” as you say you are because of people like YOU. How convenient for you to then call people who you contribute to denying the same rights that you enjoy as being deviant.You are ignorant, you are a bigot, you are a homophobe and you are a disgrace. Go fuck yourself by yourself. No one here is turned on by you.

  • Come on...

    “Creepy” “Social Misfit”, I think he is someone who has not come to terms with himself in more ways than one.
    And a question brought up a while ago… No he is not an a serious relationship, unless him and his lawyer have started dating. As a very Liberal person wrote, if he was in a relationship his answer might have been a little more in line. His answer was a very thought out and planned response.
    It was inappropriate.
    And, his lawyer is probably one of the scummiest attorneys I have ever seen. Go back and read his comments. He made empty threats to families and the school district. He is using Mr. Stambaugh as a pawn in his game. He will never amount to more than the attorney who like facials.

  • Michael Letterman

    Ewe: I no longer respond to idiots but since you made your point in what can almost be called a civil tone I’ll answer you. Homosexuality is a deviancy which is described as “beyond the norm” and no one not even yourself could describe gays as the normal mating pair be it a religious or evolutionary discussion.

    For now I’m making it a moral and ethical point. I am married yes I am a man married to a woman. That is the normal pairing. Homosexuals are a deviancy from that as are those who desire sex with children, animals, multiple partners and other such deviancies.

    I am far from ignorant and I am in no way a bigot. To call me a homophobe is ridiculous as I am not afriad in any way shape or form of deviants. I do not wish to turn on anyone here so I’m glad that hasn’t happened. Your insults are taken from whence they come and therefore mean nothing to me. I hope I have cleared my position to you so that the debate can continue in a civil tone. If not so be it.

  • Jaroslaw

    What always amazes me in these discussions is that the “oh so concerned parents” never ask if the person has been divorced (many people these days have been divorced more than once) cheats on their taxes, or mistreats animals, donates to charity, has a good driving record, any number of other “morals” clause issues. But be Gay and the child will be scarred for life. The parents should have to prove this, not just be allowed to make assertions.

    Tessie Tura – where did you see this interview? Having not seen it I will say that maybe he came off creepy because he’s not good at discussion something highly personal and emotional.

  • Jaroslaw

    TT -Well, I did find AN interview, don’t know if it is the same you saw. He was not creepy at all. Perhaps a tiny bit effeminate, but only a smidge. I’m older, and he is obviously quite young – I would say earrings in both ears would not be a conservative style of dress which is generally expected in teaching, but it just could be my older perception.

  • Michael Letterman

    Jarsolaw: What an eloquently put point. However what I took from your remark is that you are equating homosexual behavior to animal abuse, failure to comply with traffic law (or scofflaw behavior) and other so called “moral” failures inculuding those who are divorced (for some odd reason).

    Yes I think having a homosexual or other sexual deivent (defined as beyond the norm) for a teacher is problematic. Teachers need be of high enough moral fiber to correctly steer young minds. While I am not saying no homosexual should ever be a teacher I think such cases should be confined to older more mature young minds say high school, college aged. Parents do not need prove anything when it comes to the protection of their chidren any allegation should be enough to warrent an investigation and in this particular case being that the teacher admits to the discussion it is, for me, a closed case.

    I have read reports that link gay parents to gay children and while the jury is still out on that I do think gay teachers should not be allowed to teach young minds. I further think no teacher should dicuss their sexual preference or lifestyle choice with their students.

  • Jaroslaw

    Michael Letterman – what are you doing here on Queerty if you don’t think Gay is okay? I was not equating homosexuality with moral wrong – I was trying to make the point that there is a double standard. What reports have you read linking Gay parents with Gay children? Every report I have read says there is no link. What the reports do say is that children of Gay parents are more likely to experiment with same sex behavior but in the end, do not become Gay more than children raised by hetero parents.

    Finally, being Gay is not a choice – otherwise any straight man could simply “choose” to have sex with dudes. But they won’t because it is repugnant to them. There are many studies which show Gay men’s brains are different, their responses to pheromones are different than straight men etc.

    So when something is beyond a person’s control, you cannot punish them for it. Yes, parents DO have to prove harm. Obviously you can’t or haven’t read the other posts here. There are racist parents who think their children should only be taught by a person of the same race. That of course, is not going to fly in this day and age.

  • Michael Letterman


    To answer your question. I am do not align myself with Democrats, Homosexuals or any sexual deviance of any kind, White Supremist Groups, or several other such factions, so as I have my own beliefs I find it encumbent upon myself to monitor such groups activites as best I can to see where my efforts and the efforts of those who are like minded are best concentrated. I was unaware members of Queerty were required to be gay. I am fully aware that members of Queerty will sink to the lowest common denominator whenever they encounter someone who does not agree with them thus quickly taking any debate into the gutter when perhaps an educated and enlightened discussion would create a better understanding all around. I have seen others log on with my name and say some things I have not espoused and I do not feel it necessary to correct this.

    As to the reports I have read they are all easily found online and I would not bother to link to any one as there are many which claim both sides of the story are correct. As such I feel none are to be fully trusted and therefore base my decisions also on things I have seen with my own eyes.

    I dissagree with your next comment being Gay is as much a choice as being a poligimist is. However, even if it were not the case and one could not help but be Gay, being Gay isn’t the issue. I have no issue with people being Gay. My issue is with people with any sexual deviancy, gay, furry, poligimist, foot worshiper, etc, and in the role of teacher discussing said deviancy with their class. In addition (since it comes up often) I also do not thing anyone should have special rules put in place or laws passed due to their sexual preference of any sort.

    Since you are asking what I think. I think what you do with the willing and adult aged partner of your choice in the privacy of your home or other private area is no ones business but yours. No law should prevent it and no law should need protect it. What you do with your body is not for me to say.

    But when what you choose to do, and let us not mistake this while you say being Gay isn’t a choice, living a Gay lifestyle is, leaves the privacy of your domain and enters into the world we share then it becomes my business.

    I would never punish someone for being Gay and in fact have several Gay friends and neighbors and if anyones sexual behaviour becomes the topic of conversation to my chidren then I shall rally the troops and decend upon the school board with all the fury of an avenging angel and I will not let up one iota until that person is removed from ever doing so again. When someone chooses to discuss their sexual choice with my child there is nothing that will stop me and no law that will disuade me from revenge.

    To end, you loose your point when you bring racisim into the conversation there is no race or ethnicity involved in sexual choice and to be clear Homosexual lifestyle is a choice one that should you select comes with a great deal of other baggage you will be forced to deal with.

  • prohomo

    @Michael Letterman: You’re full of shit as your post has proved nothing other than you are an ignorant bigot. And a jew, if I assume correctly, with a last name like Letterman? Shouldn’t you of all people know better than to call other people deviant when that is exactly what Hitler called the jews: biological deviants. So you don’t want others to talk about their lifestyle choice to your child, really? That’s a nonsensical statement. How about you stop advertising about your lifestyle to everyone when you mention your wife, children, etc. See how long you can do that for. Not long, right? Then don’t expect homos to silence their life for your arrogant beliefs,ok? Your prejudice is old and tired, we’ve all heard these lies before “I have gay friends, don’t show your deviancy,etc. BULLSHIT.Gloves off, bigot. Round two…..

  • TheFerdinand

    Seth is a really great, nice, responsible guy, and its a shame he and other people have to put up with this shit.

  • Jaroslaw

    Michael – you still didn’t answer WHY you are here. As to the rest of your stuff, let’s start with the links. Go ahead and post them. How can there be an intelligent discussion otherwise?

    For example, a physician wrote a book, asserted Gay men can’t form longlasting partnerships. Well, I went and got his source material – he forgot to mention that the intro to the very book SPECIFICALLY STATED the data was from right after the sexual revolution in the 70’s. Recall homosexuality was punished by law and Gay people were put in jail and their names published in the paper just a few years prior. Do you really expect them to conform to hetero standards with no societal “help”?

    Finally, there are 1400 laws that benefit hetero relationships. I pay taxes and work hard every day. I want the same benefits you get.

    Oh, and the paragraph above the last – how condescending of you “sexual behavior” discussed in class? Mr. Stambaugh said he couldn’t marry a MAN. There is no sexual behavior discussed. Do you think that is all there is to Gay people?

    As to me bringing up race, well, you have a short memory or don’t so much research. All the same arguments that are now being used against Gays were previously used against Blacks, women etc. READ , Michael.

  • scott ny'er

    @Tessie Tura: “old, fat self”. I don’t think that’s slightly deprecating. And, I think that it might be above the kids heads, maybe I’m not giving kids credit enough.

    At first glance, that sounds like self hating talk. Now, it’s possible you’re a very, funny person and it might come off as humorous, but just reading it here, I feel sad for the person who says it and want to argue back, don’t ever say anything like that about yourself.

    And if it does come off as funny from you, maybe this teacher isn’t a comedic teacher. Different strokes, different folks.

    I’ll also say, it does seem like your hiding, when you avoid the question.

    Conversely, if a hetero teacher was asked, what should the response be? Is it ok for the hetero teacher to say, “I am, and she’s really great.” If the hetero describe the sex of their partner why not the homo. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not like they are stating what sex acts they like.

  • Brian Miller

    @Michael Letterman: Homosexuality is a deviancy which is described as “beyond the norm”

    ROFL. Homosexuality is rampant across virtually every species of mammal and most species of bird.

    It’s far more common than conservative Republicanism or bullshit bravado. That’s truly “deviancy beyond the norm.”


  • Shannon1981

    @Michael Letterman: You’re on a gay site, professing the ignorant belief that LGBT people are making a ‘lifestyle choice.’ You are sadly misinformed on that one, but, furthermore, do you really think the opinions of someone who expresses such beliefs and calls us deviants will hold any water on such a site? Furthermore, you more than likely seek out such sites, as this place isn’t exactly well known and/or mainstreamed outside the LGBT community. So, in effect, you are trolling. You came here with opinions you HAD to know would not be welcomed, and basically attacked a very core part of 98% of the people who post here. No, you don’t have to be gay to be welcomed here. Just ask Kayla or any of the other straight allies who post here regularly. You DO, however, need to leave your ignorance and bigotry at the door. Since you can’t seem to do that, I don’t think this is the place for you. Can’t speak for everyone, that is just MY personal opinion.

  • Michael Letterman

    Queers will see queerness wherever they look. Deviancy is what it is and deviants seek it elsewhere to imagine it is “normal”. Any species that finds homosexuality to be dominant will soon find itself wiped clean from the planet.

    Without monitoring what deviants say and think we will not know where we need focus our attentions. So you’ll find me or another of us everywhere you congregate. Just as you are entitled to your opinions, I am as well. We need not agree nor do I expect us to however just like you cannot help but attempt to spread your deviance, we cannot help but attempt to prevent that from happening.

  • thematics

    Ignore Letterman — he’s a well known troll and thrives on attention. Denied attention he will slink back to his lonely cave and stew in his own broth.

    Your posts here are great by the way!

  • Shannon1981

    @thematics: Awww thanks! I’ve been reading here for like a year LOL, and posted a few times as Shannon before I made an account. Then, on a bunch of lesbian sites, there is another Shannon who is a troll and a homophobe, so I added my birth year.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Michael Letterman: I would be happy to have an “educated and enlightened” discussion, as you call it, with someone who espouses your beliefs.

    If only there was such a person.

    For the record, I will talk about being gay when I want and where I want and I absolutely defy you to do one thing about it.

    Now go back to your duties at the truck stop glory hole and leave the rest of us to argue about tattoos and Lady Gaga without your help.

  • adman

    I agree with Mr. Krikava, this diversity sh*t has gone too far. We need to start forcibly removing his Eastern European, or Russian, or whatever godforsaken fuckhole of the human genepool his shit bird self sprang from OUT of America. If we are going to continue to socially experiment on these base pathology cases waiting to happen, we must have the right to internment, electroshock, and other sundry methods to keep them in line.

    How is someone from Slavic immigrant stock like him going to learn what American values are if we don’t tell them forcibly? I haven’t even brought up his terrorist sleeper cell of a “son” (if it’s a legitimate heir, which I doubt). Everyone should incite panic and send violent mobs against them. If you’re in doubt, just burn down their fucking houses instead.

  • Jaroslaw

    #49 Michael Letterman – You are here to monitor us? You’re welcome to it. But you don’t have to interact with anyone and show us your bigotry. For example:

    Deviance does not ‘spread’ – variation is very much a normal part of life. Sickle cell anemia is a perfect example of this, genetic diversity. Before cures for malaria existed only the people with sickle cell anemia survived. (If everyone was exactly the same, everyone would have died of malaria.) No one here is suggesting or trying to make homosexuality dominant. Show me ONE post anywhere on this Blog that says that. Straight people are by far the majority; why are you and they so threatened by a few Gays?

    In addition; work at any social service agency for a while. We can’t get you heteros to use birth control or stop screwing for five minutes. There are 10’s of thousands of unwed births in every state annually! No danger of people disappearing due to lack of reproduction, no sir.

    Gay sex is a choice, just like you choosing to have straight sex is a choice. But how your brain is wired is NOT a choice. Again, you ignored almost everything I said previously. You are an attention seeking troll who does not want to consider facts. Consider this also – if you dare – Same sex marriage has been legal in Massachussets for several years now, the sky has not fallen. There have been remarkably few problems. But you would never have thought that from the opponents.

  • prohomo

    @Jaroslaw: Well said, JAROSLAW.

  • Michael Letterman

    I don’t have to but then it’s so much fun to see how far your queers will go to defend your perversity. I would never wish to miss out on the stuff some of you are willing to write.

    Variation has been done, Man and Woman and that’s the summation of the variation of sex. What a queer is is a perversion of that set and as such it should not be rewarded or supported. Just like the other perversions like bestiality and pedophilia. But if we don’t keep tabs and focus our attention there are those who will say queers are different and should have special rights. This is the kind of thinking we’ll keep in check and we, so far, have been very successful and no doubt we will continue to be that.

    I don’t ignore what you say, I discount it as the ramblings of a demented and disturbed mind. I need not defend my position the defence is that the law stands with me.

  • prohomo

    @Michael Letterman: You, MICHAEL are the demented one and of perverse beliefs. History is replete with the genius of homosexuals. We ARE special.

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