Aaron Livesy’s Brutal and Beautiful Coming Out Saga On Emmerdale

While Americans worry themselves about the end of One Life To Live‘s gay storyline, British viewers of the soap opera Emmerdale have just reached a new high: Aaron Livesy has finally come out.

More on the character here (which we had to read, not being regular viewers of the show), but Aaron (played by Danny Miller) and his guardian Paddy Kirk (played by Dominic Brunt) have a good twenty minutes worth of airtime that’s full of tears, confessions, and yes, blood. As we’ve surmised, these two characters hated each other for most of their lives, but now they’ve got a father-and-son relationship.

It actually looks like pretty great television. Can our British viewers weigh in here? Is Emmerdale usually this good?


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  • Nick

    Emmerdale’s usually quite boring (although a lot of people watch it, so I guess they don’t think so), but British soaps are renowned for their good acting and quality scriptwriting, so like with all of them, the odd bit of good television pops up now and then.

  • Kevin

    I wanted this storyline on youtube for a while and it seemed pretty good. Very slow moving at first, but good.

    I was also following Syed and Christian… All the soaps overseas dealing with gay characters seem to be far better than anything available in the US.

  • Chris

    The acting is quite good for a soap I must say.

  • HolyMoly

    Wow, WTF? I’m NOT a crier. I’ve only ever slightly teared up during maybe one movie in my lifetime. I just fucking cried a little watching this. bravo

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    British soaps seem to have better acting in general than their American counterparts.

  • Richard

    British soaps are really good, but Emmerdale isn’t one of the best. Still, it’s better than the shit that’s broadcast over here!

  • Daniel

    I’m an American who has been watching Emmerdale for about a year and a half and I have to say it’s never been this good. I actually teared up abit when I saw this. And I realized I need a Paddy Kirk in my life. :(

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 7 · Daniel

    We could all use a Paddy Kirk.

    But wow … I think that’s one of the best coming-out scenes ever, the writing, the acting, the angles and lighting. ‘Awesomeness’….

    As stereotypical as the violently ‘phobic jock/repressed homo is, seeing it played out so powerfully made it novel somehow. Maybe it was the accents. Maybe it was the sheer depth of their pain. I don’t know.

    But they should win some sort of award for that.

  • Ricky

    takes… so… long… to… load…


  • B Damion

    Wonderfully..acted. This seen would have gotton a daytime Emmy in America for sure. It’s crazy how little bitty America is the entertainment captial of the world,when there are so many great entertainers out there in europe. Everyone wants to mkae it big in America.

  • B Damion

    Scene sorry.spelling..I was just so moved.

  • gollygeegaygoy

    Brilliantly done. Emmerdale has grown up.

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