Aaron Schock Defends Decision To Instagram Surfing Pic

6a00d8341c730253ef01a73dafc7cc970dNattily attired in a shoulder-accentuating pinstripe suit topping a bold lavender blouse shirt and stylish checkered necktie, Rep. Congressman Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) defended a recent photo he posted on Instagram. Schock, who is definitely not gay hetero, appeared on the MSNBC’s Morning Joe program ostensibly to chat about immigration reform, but you know how it goes — first things first. The hosts good-naturedly ribbed the Congressman about all the shirtless pics of him floating around the internet, but then specifically enquired about Schock’s recent surfing pic which he posted on Instagram. As if to say closeted Congressmen are regular people too Schock asked if he’s expected to go swimming with his clothes on, but Mika Brzezinski isn’t having it.

“It just happens to be that you’re surfing and sculpted perfectly and the angle’s just right,” she counters. “And you Instagrammed it!”

Watch Schock try to swim away from the topic below.

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  • middleagespread

    I don’t understand. I think it would be difficult to stage this type of pic. Surfing is not easy. I have fallen off more times than I can remember standing up. Why is this a topic? Where was a shark when it was needed most? Or at least a jelly fish, he could feel the sting. That would have been Karma at work.

  • moonman157

    Normally I am not one to make speculations about someone’s sexual orientation, especially if they are on the record as to what their sexual orientation is. But if you’re going to make it your business and the government’s business what my sexual orientation is in the form of denying me rights and treating me like a second class citizen, then I have no sympathy for you.

  • michael mellor

    Leave him alone. Picking on him with innuendo is poor form.

  • robirob

    C’mon, on a subconscious level he totally wants to come out. It does not make sense otherwise for him to post so many pics that can be deemed gay quite easily and then get all flustered when he’s to comment on those pictures or his actions.

  • michael mellor

    Robirob, that is a childish comment. Since when is the male torso gay? Gay men don”t own the male torso.

  • Billy Budd

    He may be a very VAIN and stupid straight guy. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions so easily.

  • Cam

    @michael mellor: said…

    “Leave him alone. Picking on him with innuendo is poor form.”

    No, actually you know what’s poor form? Voting for laws that attack gays civil rights. And you know what else is poor form, pretending somebody who is either an anti-gay bigot, or a self hating closet case attacking his own community is the victim here.

    Poor form indeed.

  • Cam

    You know a good way to spot somebody who is a closet case? When they go overboard trying to pretend they aren’t. For example, when older woman Barbara Mikulski made loudly inappropriate comments in public about a young aide, No Senator would do something so inappropriate purposely in front of press unless they were trying to hide something. Or Rosie O’Donnell pretending to be in love with Tom Cruise…

    Or Aaron Schock having this picture released to the press.


  • jppatrick59

    “We have an instructor who can get you up”… Lol.

  • ChgoReason

    Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur) says on Golden Girls: “Idiots in positions of power.”

  • TinoTurner

    He needs a haircut.

  • Desert Boy

    @michael mellor: – A fanboy. How sweet.

  • Cam

    @Desert Boy:

    LOL!!! Oh the SHADE of it all! :)

  • sportyguy1983

    Another desperate attention seeking whore.

  • Kieran

    Why should he have to defend or apologize for his decision to show off his physique? Oh that’s right, the latest trend is that any guy that goes topless must be gay.

  • Cagnazzo82

    @Kieran: He’s not ‘any guy’, he’s a congressman.

    It comes off unprofessional…

    …at least that’s what I would say, if it wasn’t more than obvious the congressman knows exactly what he’s doing by posting that very personal pic online for the rest of the world to see and speculate about.

  • brianmovie

    Hey Aaron,

    You need to cum up to Chicago and go to Steamworks, there you will find some LOVE!

    The City of Chicago

  • Black Pegasus

    Homosexuals can never hide their narcissism.

  • Ms Urethra Johnson

    Ya’ll missed the best part in the clip…. “…what we put in our mouths and activities…” around 2:05, precious little thing ain’t he?

    I’m thinking dungeon bait…heavy CBT…

  • Rude Drew

    Maybe if some of you didn’t spend so much time hate commenting fit people on queerty and spent that time song something physically fun you wouldn’t be so ugly on the inside/outside. I surfed my whole life – that break he’s on is south side of Oahu in town. Everyone in hawaii surfs shorts only. Get the fuck over yourselves …

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