Aaron Schock Defends Decision To Instagram Surfing Pic

6a00d8341c730253ef01a73dafc7cc970dNattily attired in a shoulder-accentuating pinstripe suit topping a bold lavender blouse shirt and stylish checkered necktie, Rep. Congressman Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) defended a recent photo he posted on Instagram. Schock, who is definitely not gay hetero, appeared on the MSNBC’s Morning Joe program ostensibly to chat about immigration reform, but you know how it goes — first things first. The hosts good-naturedly ribbed the Congressman about all the shirtless pics of him floating around the internet, but then specifically enquired about Schock’s recent surfing pic which he posted on Instagram. As if to say closeted Congressmen are regular people too Schock asked if he’s expected to go swimming with his clothes on, but Mika Brzezinski isn’t having it.

“It just happens to be that you’re surfing and sculpted perfectly and the angle’s just right,” she counters. “And you Instagrammed it!”

Watch Schock try to swim away from the topic below.