Aaron Schock Quoting Taylor Swift Is The New High Point Of American Politics

Most members of Congress go around quoting the Founding Fathers, maybe Lincoln or MLK, definitely Reagan. But not Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL). He goes for the true voice of the generation when he needs to add a little oomph to an argument — Taylor Swift.

Cornered by interviewer Jeff Zeleny of ABC News about that whole bizarre Downton Abbey-inspired (and questionably expensive) office remodel, Schock offered this bit of word mush:

“I’m different. I came to Congress at 27. When I go take a personal vacation I don’t sit on the beach, I go do active things. And so, I’m also not going to live in a cave. So when I post an Instagram photo with me with my friends, as Taylor Swift said, ‘haters are gonna hate.'”

Spoken like a true patriot.

Here’s a Vine showing the good part:

And here’s Aaron doing his best to deflect questions about that expensive remodel:

h/t Towleroad