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Aaron Schock spotted at another queer party… but is anyone surprised?

Aaron Schock, corruption, gay
(image via MSNBC screenshot)

Aaron Schock was once again spotted shirtless at a queer underground warehouse party over the weekend, laughing joyously with his arms wrapped around another dude, but somehow we’ve lost the ability to feel scandalized by it.

According to a tweet by Jonnie Reinhart, the drag queen who allegedly confronted the disgraced lawmaker at another gay bar last month, 38-year-old Schock was at Ostbahnhof on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

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Tweeted Johnnie: “Aaron Schock at Ostbahnhof. Happy Halloween babe! Love your clown costume!”

The party, themed Scream Kweens, was hosted by comic Joel Kim Booster, who later tweeted: “Aaron Schock at the Carrie-themed warehouse party is… immersive theatre!!”

In a follow up tweet, Reinhart claims he confronted Schock at the party: “I said hi to him! I told him we’re waiting on his statement. And I said I hope he’s having a great night. I told him I hope he sucks a d*ck tonight… and Happy Halloween. My blood is f*cking boiling.”

Just like the last time, however, Reinhart offers no actual evidence of his alleged face-to-face confrontation with Schock, other than his word. And Schock hasn’t said anything about it either, though that’s no surprise.

Over the summer, an alleged text exchange between Schock and another man surfaced online in which he addressed his antigay voting record from over a decade ago, explaining: “We each have our own journey. Obviously I hadn’t come to terms with my sexuality 11 years ago when those votes were cast.”

He continued by saying he “plans to speak” about everything eventually, but “right now I’m dealing with my family who I was in the process of coming out to when the Coachella video went viral. Not exactly how you want your mom to find out.”

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